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Hey i'm user Kennyannydenny and try to help out a bit around here. I have around 15 years of experience working on all kinds of Wiki's (Wikipedia, Wikia, Gamepedia, etc). If you need any help or just want to say hi, feel free to post something on my discussion page.

Personal wishlist

Ok so this a big list of things I'd love to see added to the game eventually. Not sure if anyone is ever going to read but i'm glad I can put my thoughts on paper. Hope DC and the gang will add some of these things eventually, I know some are a longshot.

There's probably more, but anyhow, here it goes:

Not (yet) added

Character interactions

  • Pregnancy for Debbie
  • I wish there was a way to do both Mrs. Johnson and June, as well as both Helen and Mia. But that's probably not going to happen.
  • Being able to have sex with Annie, Lucy, Rhonda, Veronica, Anna, Sara, Liu, Iwanka, Josephine and Yumi
  • Being able to start something more with Ivy than just hire her for 'massages'
  • Being able to play Poker with more people
  • A foursome with Jenny, Debbie and Diane (if that's ever gonna happen)
  • Having a threesome with the latinas
  • Doing more stuff with the tentacle at Aqua's
  • More interactions with Jane
  • More ways to have sex with Grace and Odette (especially Grace)

Story updates

  • Amelie being added to the storyline, making her an actual character instead of just a side-moment
  • Being able to add people to Diane's business, milking others than just Diane and Daisy, like Veronica
  • Cassie swallowing the cum, instead of saying "I don't know him enough for that"
  • I'd love another hidden character, something along the lines of Daisy and Aqua, a type of monster girl
  • Being able to put a camera inside the hole in Mia's teddy bear
  • A Mrs. Johnson route overhaul
  • A Coach Bridget storyline where we can interact with her
  • More sexually tinted scenes between Diane and Daisy


  • Having anal sex with more characters, like Ms. Bisette and Daisy (Mia's scene is great but i'd love to see more anal)
  • Being able to get more things to add to MC's bedroom, like another pet or something. A dog or a fish (aside from the cat).
  • More jerk off scenes, things like Mrs. Johnson, Daisy, Aqua and the seasucc, Annie and Ivy with Veronica (after you've seem them together in Pink for example). That the things you've progressed through have effect on what you think off as MC.
  • After the MC saves the marriage of Helen and Harold and thus chose the Mia route, them sleeping together in the telescope instead of still sleeping separately
  • Being able to look at the street in front of houses with the telescope, like Anna walking with Awesomo and bending over or something, stretching. Adding a bit of a teasing scene. Or maybe adding Amelie here for example.
  • More massage options from Ivy, or being able to invite your date to visit Ivy and ask for a massage together
  • More moments where you can voyeur, for example two teachers going at it, or using the key hole to see the princical 'teaching' Ms. Bisette 'lesson' after she's been called up or something
  • Being able to breastfeed from most characters who you got pregnant, or at least all girls who end up at Diane's business. Not just Diane herself
  • Being able to connect to more PC's than just Jenny's, like Erik's or a PC of Mia or the PC in the library, giving way to more interactions or scenes to watch. Like remote hacking the webcam on the PC in the libary to watch some naughty people go at it


  • Being able to make Jenny be more nice to the MC, at least, nice in her kind of way
  • More jerk off scenes, things like Eve.
  • Being able to have sex with Josephine
  • Being able to have sex whilst being pregnant, with unique scenes and choices, instead of locking out every interaction completely - Added for Maria


  • Maria cheating on her husband with the MC (Mary openly has sex with the MC and Tony knows about it)

Character sprites that need updating

These are scenes I came across that still use older character sprites after characters were updated in newer updates.


  • Annie, MC, Debbie, Jenny and Principal Smith during the tutorial


  • Jenny and Debbie on the family image on Jenny's computer
  • Eve, Annie, Lopez and Martinez, MC and several others on the class photo on the MC's computer


  • Eve standing in the assembly hall just before the concert (and before clicking on them)

Lopez and Martinez

  • Lopez and Martinez on the Cookie Jar button

Annie and Principal Smith

  • Annie during Mrs. Dewitt's route, at several points, including when she and Principal Smith burst into the assembly hall after the concert
  • Annie and Principal Smith during the scene where the MC is being reported to Smith (after the scene in the shower) where Annie flashes her boobs.
  • Annie during the shower scene with Lopez and Martinez
  • Annie's cookie jar button
  • Annie standing in the hallway during the afternoon
  • Annie standing in front of Principal Smith's door during Ms. Okita's route
  • Principal Smith when drinking the coffee with Okita's mixture in it, in the teacher's lounge during her route
  • Annie sitting on the chair in the music classroom in the morning
  • Annie sitting on the chair in her home in the evening


  • Jenny whilst laying on her bed with her laptop

Not sure if this is a reference or not

  • Black Beauty: The painting in Principsl Smith's house with the black horse might be a reference to the 1994 movie Black Beauty, looking at lot like the official movie poster.
  • Napoleon Crossing the Alps: A painting of Mayor Rump hanging in the entrance hall of his villa seems to reference the famous painting from french painter Jacques-Louis David.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: The book My life as a MILF might be a reference to the TV-series about a teenage robot.
  • Bonnie and Clyde: The picture Eve drew of her and the MC, later hanging on the wall in the MC's room, might reference the famous criminal duo.