Science minigame

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Science minigame illustration
Proceed by exactly following the orders

The science minigame is a one‐time minigame the player encounters in Ms. Okita’s route. The goal is to create two serums with the previously collected ingredients, according to the instructions given by the science teacher.


Click or tap on the different ingredients to fill each conical flask. Three are missing per flask, they cannot be reused.

Serum asked Ingredients to use
Item Location
Blue Chicken stock Chicken Stock Ingredient icon.png Available at Consum-R
Psychotropic Euphorbia Psychotropic Euphorbia Ingredient icon.png In the forest cave, only at night
Used tissue Used Tissue Ingredient icon.png Inside the bin in Mrs. Smith’s office
Red Mushroom Mushroom Ingredient icon.png Next to a tree in the forest
Toad Toad Ingredient icon.png On the pond in the forest
Main character’s semen Main Character’s Semen Ingredient icon.png Collected before the minigame


Making the serums lets the player progress in Ms. Okita’s route. No way to miss the concoctions as the minigame starts over without delay.