Aqua maze minigame

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Aqua maze minigame illustration
Only one path leads to Aqua

Aqua’s route extends underwater with a maze minigame. The main character has to reach the exit of the labyrinth in order to find the creature’s lair entrance.


Tap or click on one of the three openings that are presented to you each time. At each new tunnel intersection, a choice must be made: continue straight ahead, turn right or left. A limited time is provided which duration is indicated by the white bar; the main character will run out of air when you run out of time, and the minigame will fail.

The globe in the attic is the key
The globe is the key

Directions of the maze are pinned from bottom to top, on the globe which is stored in the home attic:

  • Center opening
  • Center opening
  • Left opening
  • Left opening
  • Center opening
  • Right opening
  • Center opening


Following the correct path lets the player find Aqua’s lair entrance where another minigame awaits. A failed minigame doesn’t mean a game over, and it can be rescheduled for another time of the day. The cheat mode enables the maze to be skipped.