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The creator and main artist of Summertime Saga is used to broadcast his creation work live on Picarto at this address: https://picarto.tv/DarkCookie

Live stream

As of June 2019, DarkCookie’s stream usually begins around 3:00 PM Eastern Time Zone, from Monday to Friday. If you don’t want to miss any stream, you can turn on notifications. This option, offered in Picarto’s account settings, allows you to receive an email every time DarkCookie is going live. Another way to stay informed is to keep an eye on the #announcements channel on the Summertime Saga Discord server.

Previous streams

The last 30 broadcasts are provided on DarkCookie’s Picarto channel in the Videos section. Older streams are conveniently archived by month and year on the official website VODs page and they were available to all Patron tiers. Since April 2021 videos are not uploaded anymore.

Awesomo bot commands

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