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Awesomo is the lovable bot for DarkCookie’s Picarto chat and the Summertime Saga Discord chat, coded by sam9. Contact him for any suggestions or feedback.

Most commands have a global 30 second cooldown between uses. Moderators bypass most cooldowns.

Global commands

These commands are usable on Discord. They no longer work in Picarto chat. All global commands are confined to the #doghouse room on Discord.

Command Effect
!archive Links to the stream archive page on Picarto and My Kompas websites
!awesomo/!version Prints the bot’s version info
!bugs/!bug Links to the Summertime Saga bugtracker
!build/!download Prints the latest Summertime Saga version and download location
!commands Links to this page
!cookie Gives the bot a cookie
!ff start Starts a game of family feud
!gif search Returns a gif matching your search term
!laststream Prints how long ago DarkCookie last streamed
!latest Fetches latest Patreon post
!next Next update estimate time of arrival (ETA)
!patreon Links to the Patreon page
!progress Fetches latest issue progress on the upcoming build
!trivia difficulty questions Starts a round of trivia, difficulty: easy/normal/hard. Questions is number of questions, max 10.
!wiki Links to the official wiki

Discord specific commands

The following commands are only available on the Discord server. Commands are limited to different rooms, based on their intended usage. Moderators can bypass this channel restriction as needed.

Command Discord Room Effect
!help keyword #help Returns the relevant page of the wiki
!intro/!read Any Invites the user to read the #info channel
!picarto #doghouse Links to DarkCookie’s Picarto stream
!porn search #porn-mainstream Returns a porn clip from Pornhub. 10min user-based and 3min global cooldowns
!recommend keyword #nsfw-discussion Direct messages you a random selection of adult games based on your keyword.
Possible keywords: any/best/complete/2d/3d/android

Picarto specific commands

These commands can only be used on the Picarto stream.

Command Effect
!color Quick tutorial on how to change chat color
!discord Links to the official Summertime Saga Discord server
!seen username Outputs how long ago that specific user said something in chat

Song request commands

Song request commands enable viewers to play their music during the stream and if DarkCookie has turned the feature on. You can have only one music request in the playlist queue; the clip must be registered in YouTube music category, have at least 10,000 views and last less than 7 minutes.

Command Effect
!sr Gives basic information about requesting songs
!sr youtubeid Adds the YouTube song to the queue
!sr queue Returns the current queue and next song
!sr song Returns the current song and the user who requested it
!sr del Removes your song from the queue