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"Cedric illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Ginger
Eye color Brown
Relatives Jenny (ex‐girlfriend)
Morning Gym
Afternoon Gym

Cedric is the ex‐boyfriend of Jenny.


Cedric has the physique of a bodybuilder: many muscles, well‐developed and spread over all the body parts. His hair and beard, both ginger, are abundant. His eyes are medium brown.

A blue‐grey tank top, light‐cyan gym shorts, and vibrant‐green sports shoes, are his training outfit.


He and the main character know each other well. He has no regrets for his crazy ex.


Cedric can be met in the gym, where he spends his days pumping iron on the weight bench. He is unwilling, though, to supervise the training of the main character, stating that he is not yet ready.