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Titles and names

Please use the short name for the title of the main page of each character, and the complete or long name inside the Character Infobox. Example: Priya (page title) / Dr. Priya Singh (infobox title). Don't forget to add page redirections if needed.


Infoboxes present a set of relevant, consistent and universal information for all characters. If a type of information is not shared by the majority of characters, then it has no place here. The location information is based on where the players can found the characters outside of their respective stories.

Location are exclusively places where the character can be found usually (so not limited in a route, or from a route). Example: Roxxy, Becca and Missy move to the beach location at a later point in Roxxy's story. This info should not be presented in the infobox.

Description section

Write a complete description of the character, starting with the physical characteristics. Face type, haircut, gaze, chest size or general appearance are often the missing features. The purpose of this section is to help the readers to imagine the character.

Personality section

Add here the character's general personality, possibly specifying how he/she reacts to certain situations. Also, what does he/she like to do, what does he/she dislike.

Story section

This section is not intended to reveal Summertime Saga stories, but only to give a contexte. Most of the characters portrayed in the game have a backstory, a familly, a place where they live or work, hobby or activity. You should also explain his/her name or surname. This part could also be used as a conclusion in order to introduced the next events section based on what has been presented.

Events section

I've spent few weeks wondering if an Events section belongs to the characters' pages. If so, what should be presented inside this section?

First, we should not add every events on the pages. It's not the right place for that, the walkthrough page is more appropriate. And we cannot maintain every characters' pages with all the stories in the game, it represents too much work.

But, because Summertime Saga is a game for adult, I think it's a good idea to add a small summary of the sexy scenes that can be found for each character. One title, and one or two sentences that explain what to do and what happens should be enough. Priority is given to additional sexual scenes that are not in the walkthrough because they are unlocked elsewhere. This list of events should arouse curiosity and make the reader want to discover them in-game.

Moreover, please use the collapsible element to hide the contents that spoil the stories.


I don't want to add a pregnancy category in the Character Infobox yet as only a few characters — three in version 0.18 — can be pregnant. But don't forget to add a Note if a new character offers this "feature".

Your opinion and help

Feel free to let me know your opinions, positives and negatives, on these subjects. Do you think we could add more info in the infobox? Add links to the Cookie Jar? Etc. Your help is also welcome. --Casiope (talk) 18:59, 4 April 2019 (CEST)