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"Sara illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Sandy blond
Eye color Green
Relatives Terry (husband)
Morning Apartments
Afternoon Apartments

Sara is the girlfriend of Terry.


Sparkling green eyes and sandy‐blond hair reaching to her shoulders give Miss Sara an undeniable charm.

The young woman is dressed in a white short‐sleeve overblouse, which low neckline emphasized her gracile figure, and a pastel‐pink pareo. Both are worn over a green bikini. Her only fashion accessory is a silver bracelet on a forearm.


Faithfully supportive of Terry, Sara would follow her captain to the ends of the Earth. She likes to take the main character as a witness when she torments her lover.


Sara is met when first visiting the pier, and in several later interactions with Terry. Discreet in appearance, she shows off her playful side during the bikini contest where she reveals a little of herself.

However, there is still hope that more can be shared.


Quick overview
Give Them an A+
During the bikini contest in Roxxy’s route, Miss Sara proves she’s not a shy girl. You'll also learn she enjoys Captain Terry's unique sea-speak when you go to retrieve sun tan lotion from the lifeguard tower.

True Romance

A sunset is even more beautiful to experience with a pretty girl at your side. Isn’t that right, Terry?