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Dr. Priya Singh
"Priya illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown
Morning Summerville General Hospital
Afternoon Summerville General Hospital

Doctor Priya Singh is the physician in charge of the research lab in the basement of Summerville General Hospital.


Priya is an Indian woman, with a deep‐bronze skin tint, dark eyes, and dark‐brown hair piled up in a chignon. A bindi, a traditional bright‐red dot, is applied in the center of her forehead.

She has doctor’s clothing with a surgical green two‐piece scrub set and a white coat. A dark‐mate‐green eyeshadow and two small earring color her face; and a photo ID badge is stringed around the neck.


She comes across as overworked and stressed out, shouting at the main character for his trespass in the restricted area. But Priya gladly makes him a subject for an experimental drug when she discovers his "potential". The fact that she talks to herself regularly doesn’t reassure about her sanity.


This character does not have a route yet.

Between the secret experiment she is conducting there and her interest in the main character, lies something suspicious. He will thus become her new subject of study.