Hacking minigame

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Hacking minigame solution illustration
What it should look like in the end

The hacking minigame is a unique event that is held in Jenny’s route. This is an obligatory step to establish a remote access with the housemate’s computer.


Click or tap the screen in order to turn the nodes and clear a path. The objective is to connect both computers with the help of the devices found on the network path. They can be turned clockwise by clicking on them and they must be properly linked to each other. A time limit, indicated by the lower white bar, is calculated according to the level of the main character’s intelligence stat: the higher the stat, the more time is allocated for this task. It’s recommended to have at least 5 in intelligence.

Be careful because the connection point of two neighboring devices can overlap and create confusion on which one to press, it’s better to follow the sequence from left to right.


Connecting both computers lets the player progress in Jenny’s route. The next step is to explore her computer and watch her videos from the main character’s computer after clicking on the Remote Access app; this computer must of course have been repaired beforehand. The player can attempt the connection again another night if the minigame was not successful.