French quiz minigame

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French quiz minigame illustration
Find the right illustrations

The French quiz is a minigame that concludes Ms. Bissette’s route. One French word is displayed on the screen, as well as several illustrations. The player must match each word to the picture that defines it. Three words were shared during the tutoring sessions between the main character and the teacher.


For each of the words presented, there is an illustration that fits it. A picture must be selected from the three proposals; the game continues if the answer is correct, and stops if it is wrong.

Page Word to found Correct picture
#1 La bicyclette French Quiz Minigame Bicyclette.png
#2 Le fromage French Quiz Minigame Fromage.png
#3 La bouche French Quiz Minigame Bouche.png


Passing the French quiz allows the player to progress in Ms. Bissette’s route. If failed, it can be retaken the next day by talking to the teacher in her classroom.