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Team contacts

  • Talk to Sam9:
    • Modify !archive and !vod commands: Picarto keeps the last twelve stream videos, not 30 days
    • Modify !goal command to !patrons command which gives the current number of patrons and the total pledge, remove next goal as there is no more goal
    • Add !update command similar to !next command
    • Add !walkthrough command wich gives the link to the Walkthrough page on this wiki
    • Debug !latest command
    • “Project” pages and names
    • Wiki Search Engine Optimization
    • Autocompletion in the wiki searchbox in order to go to the page directly
  • Talk to Sploosh:
    • Which language: American English or UK English? Examples: flavor/flavour - behavior/behaviour - color/colour - gray/grey - neighbor/neighbour - humor/humour - fiber/fibre

Things to be done now

Page To do
Eve Personnality and Story sections to be rewritten:
  • Car crash and the tragic death of her parents.
  • The way this accident changed her.
  • Eve became more introverted and ashamed of herself, physically and morally.
  • Nonchalant, but with excellent grades at school.
Odette Personnality and Story sections to be written:
  • She's a daddy’s girl.
  • Her family wealth comes from a pioneering invention.
  • She lives off Grace’s work.
  • And we doubt she’s ever had a job.
  • She wants to get into Grace’s pants, no matter how she gets there.
Tuuku Personnality and Story sections to be written:
  • He’s Grace’s friend without benefits.
  • He has a green thumb, and doesn't let anyone near his valuable plants.
  • A weed dealer whose knowledge would not be called into question.
  • He is an acquaintance of Pilly, even if they do not share the same playground.
Police station To be updated
Sugar Tats To be updated
Easter eggs To be updated
Eve’s route To be illustrated

Things to be done when version 0.20 is released

Page State
Elona To be written
Iwanka To be updated
Melonia To be written
Ricky To be written
Rump To be updated
Page State
Beachhouse To be updated
Rump’s house To be updated
Page State
Page State
Achievements To be updated
Cookie jar To be updated
Easter eggs To be updated
Items To be updated
Walkthrough To be updated

Things to be done when I find enough time

Page State
Awesomo To be written
Page State
Annie’s house To be reviewed
Beachhouse To be reviewed
Church To be reviewed
Diane’s house To be reviewed
Erik’s house To be reviewed
Glazie’s To be reviewed
Gym To be reviewed
Park To be reviewed
Pier To be reviewed
Police station To be reviewed
Principal Smith’s house To be reviewed
Saga Dealership To be reviewed
Saga Financial Bank To be reviewed
Tractor To be reviewed
Trailer To be reviewed
Trailer park To be reviewed
Page State
Page State
Bugtracker To be written
Goal tracker To be written
Previous content polls To be completed
Project:Summertime Saga Wiki:Manual of Style To be improved

Things already done

Page State
Angelica Reviewed
Anna Reviewed
Annie Reviewed
Aqua Reviewed
Becca Written
Beth Written
Bodyguard Written
Cassie Reviewed
Cedric Written
Chad Reviewed
Chico Reviewed
Clyde Written
Coach Bridget Reviewed
Consuela Reviewed
Crystal Reviewed
Daisy Reviewed
Debbie Reviewed
Dexter Reviewed
Diane Reviewed
Dogeek Written
Earl Written
Erik Reviewed
Father Reviewed
Grace Written
Harold Reviewed
Helen Reviewed
Henchman 1 Written
Henchman 2 Written
Ivy Reviewed
Iwanka Written
Jaing Written
Jane Reviewed
Jenny Reviewed
Josephine Reviewed
Judith Reviewed
June Reviewed
Justin Written
Karl Written
Kassy Written
Kevin Reviewed
Kim Written
Konterina Written
Larry Written
Lily Reviewed
Liu Reviewed
Lopez and Martinez Reviewed
Lucy Reviewed
Main character Reviewed
Maria Reviewed
Master Somrak Reviewed
Mia Reviewed
Micoe Written
Missy Reviewed
Mr. Bubbles Written
Mr. Sato Reviewed
Mrs. Johnson Reviewed
Ms. Bissette Reviewed
Ms. Dewitt Reviewed
Ms. Okita Reviewed
Ms. Ross Reviewed
Pilly Written
Pink Cyclone Written
Principal Smith Reviewed
Priya Reviewed
Pussywillow Written
Richard Reviewed
Ronda Reviewed
Roxxy Reviewed
Roz Reviewed
Rump Reviewed
Sara Written
Sploosh Written
Terry Reviewed
Titty Written
Tony Reviewed
Tyrone Reviewed
Veronica Written
Yumi Written
Page State
Basketball court Reviewed
Beach Reviewed
CineSaga Theater Reviewed
Consum-R Reviewed
Cosmic Cumics Reviewed
Cupid Reviewed
Hillside Mall Reviewed
Home Reviewed
Library Reviewed
Mia’s house Reviewed
Photobooth Reviewed
Pink Reviewed
Pool Reviewed
Raven Hill Reviewed
Rump’s house Reviewed
School Reviewed
Shack Written
Sugartats Written
Summerville General Hospital Reviewed
Tony’s Pizza Reviewed
Washroom Reviewed
Yacht Reviewed
Page State
Aqua maze minigame Written
Art minigame Reviewed
Basketball minigame Written
Cocktail minigame Reviewed
Dexter fight minigame Reviewed
Donut minigame Written
Fishing minigame Reviewed
French quiz minigame Written
Gardening minigame Reviewed
Hacking minigame Written
Maze Runner minigame Written
Milking minigame Reviewed
Motorbike repair minigame Written
Muay Thai minigame Written
Music minigame Written
Octopus fight minigame Written
Orc Bork minigame Reviewed
Photographer minigame Written
Pizza delivery minigame Written
Pregnancy minigame Written
Push‐ups minigame Written
Puzzle minigame Written
Rap battle minigame Reviewed
Science minigame Written
Shooting minigame Written
Spin the bottle minigame Reviewed
Strip poker minigame Written
Weightlifting minigame Written
Page State
Cookie jar Reviewed
DarkCookie’s stream Written
Dating and pregnancy Written
Developers logs Written
Easter eggs Reviewed
Frequently Asked Questions Reviewed
Getting started Reviewed
Modding API Reviewed
Money and jobs Written
Project:Privacy policy Done
Project:Summertime Saga Wiki:About Reviewed
Stats tracker Written
Summertime Saga Written
Version history Reviewed
Walkthrough Reviewed

Previous or future events’ titles

Character(s) Title
Erik and Mrs. Johnson Brother from Another Mother
Asking a Brother For a Favor
Erik Needs That Cock Crown
Aren’t We All Curious?
Words Don’t Hurt but Muscles Do
Taking 2D to the Next Level
Are You Still a Kid?
Larry Just Wants to Be Forgiven
Which Way to Go
Help a Brother Out
Sea Dogs for Hot Dogs
He is Who He is
Erik to the Rescue
June June, the Gamer Girl
June Wants to Get Her Orc On
Ronda MC Takes the Lead
Jenny Panty Raid
Breast Massage
Jenny Never Ceases to Amaze You
Praise the Subscribers
Sleeping Together
Main story Debbie always pays her debts
Mia Study and a Date?
80s Movie Sneak In
Konterina Ex Machina
This Is the Droid You’re Looking For
Others Mysterious Phone Call
Catching You in the Act
Spying on
The Milky Way


Bugs to be verified and eventually reported on the bugtracker:

  • When Diane intercepts the main character before he enters Debbie’s bedroom for the first time: players are unable to enter the room and leave the living room.
  • When Diane’s pregnant and she takes a drink with Debbie in Debbie’s route.
  • When Larry and Crystal are in the same cells, it gives a wrong image.
  • When the main character needs to meet Pilly, the progress with Jenny is stuck.

Wiki maintenance

Extensions, modules, templates and CSS

Next update of the wiki is dedicated to the use of the TemplateStyles extension. This installation will allow to update modules and templates to their last version. The previous CSS added in MediaWiki:Common.css file will be moved into their respective template subpages located in Template name/styles.css.

Extension Module Template CSS Comment
AdvancedMeta Today the wiki doesn’t have any SEO, which makes it appear in second position behind more incomplete, but better referenced sites.
Cite This extension makes possible to add footnotes for references and citations.
TemplateStyles A must have!
Multiple image Multiple image Multiple image/styles.css
Nobold Nobold/styles.css
Horizontal TOC Horizontal TOC/styles.css Add Horizontal Lists.css inside Common.css
TOC right TOC right/styles.css
Nonumtoc Nonumtoc/styles.css
TOC limit TOC limit/styles.css Clean Common.css
Clade Clade Clade/styles.css Clean Common.css
SyntaxHighlight Remove extension Highlightjs Integration because this extension isn’t well supported by other modules and templates.

Thumbnail image size

The default image size for thumbnails should be 220px. The current (300px) is way too large for the wiki page size (944px). For how to do the change, see Manual:$wgThumbLimits.

New logo for the wiki

New logo

Meta tags support

Another work is to optimize meta tags support like description and keywords for SEO purpose. The extension named AdvancedMeta offers a basic support for this feature.

Exemple of meta tags for the Walkthrough article:

  • <meta name="keywords" content="Summertime Saga, Walkthrough, Routes, Guide" />
  • <meta name="description" content="Summertime Saga - Find here the walkthrough for each route given step by step to help you progress in the game. A guide for all stories." />

New message boxes

New message boxes have been implemented to offer better readibility.

Warning red icon.pngThis si a level 3 warning message.
Warning This is a level 2 warning message.
Warning This is a level 1 warning message.
Important icon orange.pngThis is an important message.
Information icon.pngThis is an informational message.
Protected icon.pngThis is a message about a protected article.

Proposed color chart

Figure a color chart for Summertime Saga Wiki is not easy task because the game is using navy blue and dark blue as backgrounds colors and white as writing color.

Color Code Use
#FFF Text on dark backgrounds
#DDD Text on left menu
#3F4562 Header
#6C749B Border and line
#3F4454 Background
Main story TutorialPart 1
Routes JennyDebbieDianeMrs. Johnson and JuneMs. BissetteMia and HelenEveRoxxyMs. DewittMs. OkitaMs. RossConsuelaDaisyAqua


Table with colored border
Header 1 Header 2
Content 1.1 Content 1.2
Content 2.1 Content 2.2
Header 1 Header 2
Table with generic border
Content 1.1 Content 1.2
Content 2.1 Content 2.2
Header 1 Header 2
Table with line titles
Content 1.1 Content 1.1
Content 2.2 Content 2.2

Home page improvements

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