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When is the next version being released?


How is the content for next updates decided?

DarkCookie regularly posts a new poll on his crowdfunding page on Patreon where pledgers can vote for what they would like us to work on. The proposal with the most votes is then placed on the roadmap. An article is dedicated to the previous content polls.

How can I vote for future content?

You have to register a Patreon user account and be a Patron (pledger) at least tier 2 for Summertime Saga.

What do the updates contain?

The Summertime Saga development team rolls out two main types of updates alternately: major ones are dedicated to the stories of new characters and their entourages, in an order established by the votes; minor updates focus on shorter stories in addition to existing routes.

What are the progression and the next content?

The roadmap, on the official website news page and Patreon page, shows the content planned for the next updates and the current development of the upcoming one according to the different tasks assigned to the team.

Will my save files carry over to the update?

The compatibility of savegames between successive versions is experimental and is not 100% guaranteed. A lot of things get changed each update and it conflicts with the save file information. It is the reason why the development team added a cheat mode option when starting a new game and why they provide exceptionally a full save when some updates are distributed. Please read this section to learn how to load a save file.

Is Summertime Saga available on iOS and iPhone?

The answer is no. Unfortunately, Apple does not approve mobile applications with sexually explicit content in its App Store. Therefore, no iOS version has ever been developed.


How I know what to do in the game?

First take a look at the hints available in‐game on the main character’s smartphone. For further help, the Walkthrough articles detail each route step by step, with requirements and quest objects. The Cookie jar article provides you with the scenes for each character and how to unlock them. Finally, the characters’ pages reveal their habits as well as a brief list of their events without too much spoiling. Specific articles on the minigames will also give you many gameplay tips.

I’m stuck in the game! Can you help me?

As for the previous question, the first thing to do is to check the hints given in‐game and talk to the other characters. Play back the previous steps indicated in the Walkthrough article and make sure you have the requirements (stats, items or else) to progress further. If you are still lost despite all the efforts, you can get assistance in the #help channel on the Summertime Saga Discord server.

When do I know I’ve completed the content?

Again the hint system must display what is completed, or remove the character whose story is finished. But several optional events can still be played, such as making the character pregnant. So the cookie jar is the best way to verify that you have not missed any scene.

When will Summertime Saga be finished?

Hard to say. A lot of content has still to be made and the game is very open ended. Once the development team finish all the student stories and the main quests, they will start focusing on polishing.


How stable is the game?

Summertime Saga is currently under development in alpha stage. The game is playable but gameplay features and assets are still being implemented and the code is not yet freezed. That also means you may experience crashes and bugs, even if the game is fully tested by Quality Assistance members before each release.

I’ve found a bug. Where can I report it?

The game has its own bug tracking system on Kompas Bugtracker. Only Patrons can post new bug reports. Always make a search through existing reports using filters before writing a new one. There is a good chance that the issue has already been reported.

I made a patch for the game. Can I advertise it?

No unofficial patches will be endorsed, advertised, linked, or distributed via the Discord Summertime Saga channels or websites.

Can I join the development team or help?

The Summertime Saga development team is currently not looking for new member. The game translation should be launched soon, so stay informed by the Patreon page if you are interested. The community wiki still needs attention, don’t hesitate to participate, your help will always be welcome!


How often does DarkCookie stream?

He usually streams from Monday to Friday, and begins around 3:00 PM Eastern Time Zone. You can follow him on Picarto and have a notification sent to you via email every time he is ready to draw in public.

Where can I watch DarkCookie’s stream?

The 12 most recent broadcasts are available on DarkCookie’s Picarto page in the Videos section. Older stream archives are stored on the official website VODs page.

With what does DarkCookie draw?

The main artist uses Photoshop as editor, and a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium graphic tablet.