Mrs. Dewitt

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Mrs. Melody Dewitt
Char dewitt 01b.png
Relatives None
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Day School
Night None


Mrs. Melody Dewitt is an extremely well-endowed and curvaceous African-American woman, with corn row brown hair and brown eyes.

Her attire consist of a purple shirt with a white bra and a pair of jeans. Her accessories are her matching purple earrings. When in her classroom, she commonly carries a tambourine.


She has a very laid back personality and doesn't mind looking past minor rule infractions for the musically talented and/or students who help with her activities.


Mrs. Dewitt is the Music teacher at the MC's high school. Shortly after coming back to school and enters his class Mrs. Dewitt tells him that he needs to get his groove back.




Smith berating

talent show help

find flute

Judith locker search

make new flute

return flute

talent show progress

talent show ask Annie

talent show ask

talent show ask Eve

Eve karaoke

talent show ask Kevin

Erik borrow guitar

garage find paint

ask Deb paint

ask Diane paint

shed get paint

make replacement guitar

replace guitar

Kevin give guitar

talent get

music sheets delay

music sheets

graffiti mess

paint trail

check up

Eve meet up

Erik get beer

clean graffiti

find Dewitt

show auditorium

office reward

talent show practice

talent show practice delay

science adhesive

school sneak mission help

school sneak mission

Smith office trap

pre talent show

trap check up

attend talent show

talent show

office night visit delay

office night visit