Ms. Bissette

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Ms. Bissette
"Ms. Bissette illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Cinnamon brown
Eye color Green
Morning School (Mon‒Fri)
Afternoon School (Mon‒Fri)


Ms. Bissette is a delightful woman with medium‐length brown hair, green eyes and light facial freckles.

Her simple but elegant dress style reflects a certain je ne sais quoi about her. She opts for a black button‐up suit with a white undershirt and a short black business miniskirt and stockings. Her accessories are blue earrings and a watch.


Ms. Bissette is a stereotypical French woman, very passionate, be it for teaching, romance, or food. Loves the wine – possibly too much – and "encourages" her students to be the best they can.


Ms. Bissette is the French teacher at the main character's high school. She makes it clear that she rewards students that do well in her class in unconventional ways.

She will demonstrate to the main character that her ability is not limited to the tongue.


For the complete walkthrough, see Ms. Bissette's route.
Scene list
Femme Fatale
While giving tutoring class, Ms. Bissette tries new teaching methods that are more student‐centred.

French Touch

Finishing her route gives access to her office where he can deepen his knowledge of French.