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Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Morning Police station
Afternoon Police station
Evening Police station

Yumi is a police officer at the police station.


Yumi is an Filipina woman in her 30s. She has a black ponytail and dark‐brown eyes.

Her navy‐blue jumpsuit is covered with a stab vest on the upper part. A cap is bearing her police badge. She is equipped with a duty belt and a side‐handle baton.


She has a great esteem for her coworker Harold, and even a little more since she wouldn’t mind some action with him. She is reassuring with teenagers, perhaps because of her small age difference with them.


This character does not have a route yet.

Recently graduated from the academy, Officer Yumi is Harold’s new partner at Summerville Police Department. She is in charge of inmates in the station basement.


Quick overview
To Protect and to Pleasure
Harold leaves his wife and the park patrol with Yumi immediately becomes more exciting.