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This walkthrough is up-to-date as of v0.17.5! Contributed by Pikachu & PornNStuff & mil578.
It's recommended to progress one route at a time unless it requires that you cross over with another one. Several bugs are susceptible to block the game, but focusing on one girl at a time until completion will bypass the majority of these. Jenny's route is the first route recommended.

Change Log

Curious to know what's new in the game? The change log has a dedicated page on the wiki.

General Advice

Talk to people! (And when I say talk, I really mean listen!)

Most of this game is about interacting with the different characters, and the dialogue is the main way to receive information about what you should do next. Pay attention and act on any hints you get, even when the Main Character is just talking to himself.

Go places and click on stuff

Explore different locations on the map: look all around for interactable objects and additional screens. Things you can click on become highlighted when you move your cursor over them, so move your mouse all over the place.

Come back at night (or the next day… or just later in the game)

Revisit a character or location at a different time of day to see if anything changes. The biggest changes happen between daytime and nighttime, but you should also pay attention to the difference between morning and afternoon. See the next section Time for more details.

Also check in every once in a while to see if anything has changed based on the day of the week or previous events you have completed.

Come back with money

The solution to many game's objectives is to buy an item from the various shops in the mall, and that means you're going to have to take on some summer jobs. Starting out, you'll be stuck working on Diane's garden minigame for ~$90 per minigame. Over the summer, as your story with Diane progresses, you will get a raise for the milk delivery. You also have the choice to invest in a delivery bike that allows you to work for Tony's Pizza. Last but not least, the fishing minigame rewards you with fish to sell at the pier.

Until the very last stages of the game, you'll always need money for something; so if you have some free time in the day, go earn some!

Level up your stats

Another barrier between you and tits is low stats. Many dialogues and objectives rely on your skill. In order to progress, take some time to train yourself! See the next section Stats Tracker for more details.


Saves and Persistent Data file

Do not use your old save files with new versions as it will cause bugs to happen.
You need to restart the game for it to pick up the new save files. Also, if the same file exists at both save locations, please replace both.

Saves and persistent data file can be found in these locations:

  • Windows<SS-game-folder>\game\saves and %AppData%\RenPy\SummertimeSaga
  • AndroidAndroid/data/summer.time.saga/files/saves
  • Mac/Users/USERNAME/Library/Renpy/SummertimeSaga (folder may be hidden) (thanks to Zylva)
  • Linux<SS-game-folder>/game/saves and $HOME/.renpy/SummertimeSaga (thanks to Васалкар [КГБ])
  • Other%USERPROFILE%\.renpy\SummertimeSaga (thanks to strayerror)

Save File Naming

Save files look like 1-5-LT1.save. The naming format is as follows pageNumber-pageSlotNumber-LT1.save. For example, 1-5-LT1.save is the save file for the 5th slot on the 1st page, and 2-3-LT1.save is the save file for the 3rd slot on the 2nd page and so on.
1-5-LT1 (1).save is not a valid save file. In this case remove the last part "(1)" from the name of the file to use it.

Android Installation

Make sure you've removed all previous installs of the game, there seems to be an issue when doing an update on android.


In this game, each week is split into seven days from Monday to Sunday, and each day is split into four periods of time: morning, afternoon, evening, and late night.

The current day of the week and time of day can both be found in the menu bar at the top of the screen. The day of the week is written out in the text box just under the room name, while the clock in the upper middle of the screen tells you the current time period.

The Menu Bar

Time of day

Late night
Time of Day

The most obvious changes are between the daytime and nighttime periods, but they all work a bit differently. Some differences:

  • Daytime versus nighttime screens.
  • All locations open morning and afternoon; some locations still open in the evening; many locations closed at late night.
  • Quest items may be available only at nighttime, or only during daytime.
  • Sneaking into places are done in the evening but no actions are allowed at late night.
  • Characters follow a routine; for examples students are at school in the morning and practice their activitie in the afternoon.

Take a look at the characters' pages to find out where they are located at a specific time of day. Note that these locations may change depending on the route you are playing on.

Day of the Week

The exact day of the week rarely matters — basically, just pay attention if a character or message tells you that an event happens on a specific day of the week. But weekends are quite different from the rest of the week. On Saturday and Sunday:

  • School is closed. The students are doing something else (e.g. Erik is home all day), and any quests that takes place in school has to wait until Monday.
  • As a consequence, if a character refuses to help because you have to go to school, he may be more receptive on weekends.
  • There's a service at the church each morning.
  • Mayor Rump has a stage set up at the mall.
  • Lots of little dialogue differences.
  • At least one secret event can't happen.

Also, don't trust the telescope in your bedroom as this object is still under development.

Stats Tracker

To progress in the storylines, you need to improve the four stats of the main character:

These statistics are presented in the Stats Tracker, in the Phone Menu at the top of the screen.

Goal Tracker

The goal tracker is a reminder of your current objective for each route. This feature can be accessed from the Phone Menu at the top of the screen. Note that the goal tracker is still under development and does not have all hints included and can persist after you've completed the route. Don't worry about it.


Achievements will unlock as you progress in the game and find secrets. This feature can be accessed from the Phone Menu at the top of the screen.

Cookie Jar

This feature allows you to check and replay the scenes already unlocked. It can be accessed from the Main Menu of the game.

Jenny Route


Panty Raid

  1. Visit the gym. You meet the old and pervert Master Somrak who agrees to teach you his art but wants to be paid in… panties! Go home and enter Jenny's bedroom while she is in the shower (if not, you have to wait another morning). Find the underwear in the bedside table before you get caught and lose $100. Return to the gym with the panties and do your first Muay Thai training.
  2. Next day, do another training with Master Somrak.
At several points in her route, you'll have to wait for Jenny to take a shower.
  1. Next day, peek Jenny inside the shower. Visit Master Somrak in the gym. Now he wants… a used pair fo panties! In the afternoon, ask Jenny for more panties. Buy the Electro Clit at Pink, come back and give the sex toy to your housemate. Continue the training with your master.
  2. Next day, do another training with Master Somrak.
Jenny's diary gives many hints
Dear Diary & Computer Snooping
  1. Next day, do another training with Master Somrak. Then tell Jenny that Debbie needs her. The lie allows you to search the room: read the red diary that lies on the bed. Wait for the evening, enter Jenny's bedroom and use her computer — Bad monster is the password. Emails indicate she has an account for both LiveCrush and Pink Channel. Privacy is outdated, so connect your computer to her webcam.
Jenny must not be in the shower in order to access the cam show.

First Cam Show

  1. In the morning, use your computer and access the webcam. Wow, Jenny is a camgirl!

Breast Massage

  1. Next day, look at Erik's bedroom with the telescope, Jenny busts you. After having breakfast in the diner room, make a deal with Jenny in her bedroom: money vs. breasts. Can't refuse.

Shower Peeking

  1. Next day, enter the shower while Jenny is inside. Offer your help to wash her. Once finished, you both have a small discussion.
Pink Channel email with Jenny's login
Pink Channel
  1. Wait for the evening and go downstairs. Sounds are coming from the living room, get closer to the TV. Jenny never ceases to amaze you!
  2. Next day, wait for the evening and go watch TV. Choose Pink Channel and log in with the subscription number L6BV12R and the password 12345.

UltraVibrator 2000

  1. Next day, go to gym; Master Somrak requires… wet panties! Back in Jenny's bedroom, ask for hers. Buy the UltraVibrator 2000 at the sex shop and give the dildo to your housemate. Do another training with Master Somrak.
  2. Next day, do another training with Master Somrak.

Second Cam Show

  1. Next day, use your computer and enjoy the cam girl's talent. Spy on Mia with the telescope. Jenny busts you, again.
  1. Enter the shower while Jenny is inside, offers your help and beg the princess. Wait for the evening, and return to the living room. If footjob is your thing, you'll be happy.

Dual Sybian

  1. Go to gym. For the last lessons, Master Somrak wants… drenched panties! Don't waste time: ask Jenny for more panties, buy the Dual Sybian and bring it back to her. Jenny makes a sexy demo. Train Muay Thai one more time with your master.

Third Cam Show & Sleeping Together

  1. Next day, don't miss Jenny's show in the morning. Then use the telescope to observe Mrs. Johnson, Jenny participates this time. In afternoon, do another training with Master Somrak. In evening, sneak into Jenny's bed: cuddle, squeeze the boobs, rub the pussy, try to put inside, and... out!

Categories: bdsm, cheerleader, raw sex

  1. Next day, eavesdrop on Jenny in her bedroom and praise her subscribers. After one last training with Master Somrak, go back in the hallway, Jenny needs handcuffs and a cheerleader outfit. The first are for sale at Pink, the second is in the attic, at home. Take the small key in the entrance, the stool in the garage, and enter the attic from the hallway. The uniform is in the back, bring it to Jenny. It's show time!

Sex in the Shower (optional)

  1. You can now have sex with "Princess" in the shower.

Sex in the Bed (optional)

  1. Join Jenny in her bed during the evening.

Sex in the Living Room (optional)

  1. Invite Jenny to watch the TV with you at the evening. Well, not just watching…

Watch the Neighbors (optional)

  1. Invite Jenny to watch the neighbors for one more scene with the telescope as Mrs. Johnson makes her particularly horny.

Bad Monster (optional)

  1. After having had sex in the shower, you can offer Jenny her favorite sex toy, the Bad Monster. Wait one day, then enjoy Jenny's last cam show on your computer.

Debbie Route


Phone Call

  1. If it wasn't already done, go hear Debbie yelling onto the phone downstairs. She seems to have some money trouble.

Mowing the Lawn

  1. Next day, go to the entrance. Your landlady accepts your help to mow the lawn. Try using the law mover in the garage. With gas it should work better. Go to the mall and buy the gas tank at the general store called Consum-R. Put gas inside the law mover, get to work. Since your clothes are dirty, head down to the basement.

Who's knocking at my door?

  1. Next day, go to the entrance and open the door to a strange man; he threatens Debbie one more time.
  2. Next day, meet Debbie and Mrs. Johnson who are outside home.

Fix the Pipe

  1. Next day, in the entrance, Debbie explains that a pipe has broken inside the shower. Rush inside the shower to find a very wet Jenny. Close the water valve in the basement and come back. At least, Jenny shows you some gratitude. You need a wrench, head to Consum-R and buy one. Fix the pipe inside the shower.
  2. Next day, peek Debbie while she's in the shower.

The Bad Guys

  1. Outside - Mafia cutscene 2
  2. Entrance - Help with vacuum [Let Me Help]
  3. Kitchen - Help with dishes [Let Me Help]
  4. Basement - Help with laundry [Let Me Help]
  5. Debbie's Bedroom - Take lotion from dresser
  6. Basement - [Help Her] Lotion cutscene (Unlocks Lotion option with Debbie)
  7. Debbie's Bedroom - Take panties from dresser and lie on bed
  8. Entrance evening - Invitation to watch TV
  9. Living room - Watch TV with Debbie
  10. Entrance - Invitation to go to mall [Yes]
  11. Garage - Get in car
  12. Cupid - Get necklace from stand, talk to Debbie, go into dressing room (Unlocks Jerking off to Debbie on bed)
  13. Sleep - Dream of Debbie
  14. Entrance -> Living Room -> Debbie's Bedroom - Peek on Debbie
  15. Sleep - Wet dream of Debbie
  16. Kitchen - Kissing practice [Kissing] -> [Can you teach me?] Charisma of 5 required, rap battles at night in park (Unlocks Kissing option with Debbie)
  17. Peek on Debbie in shower - [Go In] may need to wait a few days until she is in there
  18. Entrance - Cutscene to start car quest
  19. Garage - Check car
  20. Kitchen - Tell Debbie (Unlocks car dealership)
  21. Car Dealership - [Make an Insurance Claim] -> [DTFM0M] -> [Convince Her] Charisma of 7 required, rap battles at night in park
  22. Outside House - Cutscene
  23. Debbie's Bedroom - [I Can't Help It!] -> [I Like You]
  24. Sleep - Cutscene of Debbie jerking it
  25. Outside - Mafia cutscene (Unlocks Showering with Debbie)
  26. Hallway evening - Cutscene (Unlocks Sleeping with Debbie)
  27. Sleep in Debbie's bed
  28. Entrance evening -> Kitchen - Cutscene Debbie and Diane
  29. Living Room - Movie with Debbie
  30. Sleep - Cutscene with Debbie sucking it
  31. Sleep -> Backyard - Slinky Twins skinny dipping
  32. Shower - Get towel
  33. Dining room - Cutscene fingering Debbie
  34. Sleep - First time with Debbie
  35. Sleep again -> Bedroom - Read note
  36. Debbie's Bedroom - Take laundry basket
  37. Basement - Laundry sex
    You get the achievement End of the chores.

Diane Route



  1. Go to Diane's house and enter the garden. Diane has broken her shovel. Go to your home and take the shovel in the garage. Return to Diane's house and help her with the garden: you need to keep only the zucchinis, carrots, corns and eggplants.
Allow 3 days to pass.

Milk Delivery to Tony's Pizza

  1. Meet Diane in her garden. She gives you a delivery for Tony's Pizza, the pizzeria that has just been unlocked. Follow Maria inside the storage room. Then return in the garden and talk to Diane.
Allow 3 days to pass.
Buy the bug spray with a green cap
Bugs infestation
  1. Diane is waiting your help in the garden: lifting the wheelbarrow requires 2 in strength.
  2. Next day, visit Diane's garden. After taking a drunk Diane to her bedroom, bring her a glass of water from the kitchen.
  3. Next day, go to Diane's house. The garden is infested: clean it by removing everything. Diane is yelling in the bedroom, go upstairs. It's time to go shopping at the mall, enter Consum-R where Veronica is working and buy the Bug Annihilator spray. Go back to Diane's and clean the garden one more time.
  4. Next day, Diane is not in the garden, so enter her house from the front door, take a look in the kitchen. This woman really loves vegetables! Do some gardening.
  5. Next day, Debbie wakes you up. Talk to Diane in the garden. Bring her the tool that is on the kitchen counter.
Allow 3 days to pass.

Milk Delivery to Daycare

  1. Make a visit to Diane. Her business is growing fast. Pick up the milk cartons in the shed. Deliver it to Lucy at the daycare, next to Diane's house. Return to Diane and leave the money in her bedroom as she is sleeping.
Allow 2 days to pass.

Alcoholic Lotion Session

  1. Find Diane in her garden. She looks exhausted. Wait for the evening and meet Debbie in your home entrance. She asks you to bring a pie to Diane. Come back, but Diane is not at her house. Try the shed!
  2. Drinks recipe
    Next day, go to the garden and invite Diane to rest while you work. First, go to the shed and use the milk pump on the storage jug. Now, Diane wants a drink (wich is random). Head to the kitchen, read the recipe and make the cocktail, then bring it to her. Take care of the garden. Diane needs your hands to apply some sunscreen on her back… and her chest! As you reveal your arousal, you get a little reward from Diane.
  3. Next day, join Diane who is talking with Veronica in her garden.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Do one last gardening session. Diane seems in pain. Hurry to the shed! Enjoy the next scenes. From this moment you can revisit the shed in the evening for another sex scene with Diane. Sleep for a few days.
  2. Next day, wait for the evening and eavesdrop Debby and Diane in the kitchen.

Milk Delivery to School

  1. Next day, Diane has another delivery job for you. Get the milk cartons from the shed. Go to school where Annie takes you to Principal Smith's office. The principal is disciplining miscreants! Untie Ronda, finally deliver the milk at the cafeteria, and return talking to Diane.

Dinner at Home

  1. Next day, Debbie has invited Diane for dinner. Go to the pier where you can buy sea trout from Captain Terry, or catch it if you've already found the fishing rod. Return to your kitchen. Enjoy the dinner.

The Barn

  1. Next day, talk to Diane as she needs your help for a big project: build a barn! Go to Annie's house and require the carpenter. To make the toys, pick up the hammer and the handsaw in Annie's house. After finishing your job, go back to Diane's and escort the lady at home (use the front door). She now lives with you.
Allow 1 week to pass.
The guide is explicit
  1. Enter the kitchen: Diane is happy because the barn is ready. Go over there and get a tour of the barn. Richard gives you a part of a mysterious statue. Go to Consum-R and buy a milk jug. Follow Veronica's advice and speak with Jane at library then take The Breeder Guide on the bookshelf. Return both items to Diane.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Enter the living room in the evening. Diane is reading the book. Go to bed and masturbate, sleep.
  2. Enter the kitchen, Diane has already left. Find her at the barn. She asks for a checkup so head to the clinic where you meet the lovely Roz; then up to the second floor. In the bathroom, the nurse gives you an optional, intimate testing. On your way back, talk to Diane in the home entrance.
  3. Next day, Diane asks you to collect a package from Ivy in the Pink store at the mall. With the new outfit you brough her, Diane is finally ready for the "breeding".

Pregnancy (optional)

  1. You can now have sex with Diane and make her pregnant. If you succeed in the minigame, the pregnancy will evolve over 4 weeks until birth, and another 2 weeks until she sends it to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Daisy.


To progress, Diane must not be pregnant nor have a child with her, and you must have slept with Debbie in Debbie route.
  1. In the evening, try entering the landlady's bedroom before Diane stops you. A discussion begins between Debbie, Diane, you and… Jenny. Back in your bedroom, Diane invites you for a very special party in Debbie's bedroom. Go for it! Go into the kitchen the next morning.
You get the achievement Milky business.

Fertility Pills (optional)

  1. Increase the success on pregnancy with the fertility pills: go to the clinic and talk to the nurse, Micoe, on the second floor; then to Roz in the lobby. This time go to third floor where Dr. Priya Singh gives them. This step can be completed at any point following Diane's medical exam.

Mia and Helen Route



  1. Finish your first homework (step 1 in Ms. Bissette route).

Evening Meeting with Mia

  1. Next day, enter the science classroom at school in the morning and talk to Mia about homework. Wait for the evening and visit Mia at her house. Study with her. When she asks if you also like her, the good answer is "Yes".
  2. Next day, go to Mia's house during afternoon. Meet her parent, Helen and Harold. Try visiting Mia at her house in the evening. Helen asks you to stay away from her daugther.
Harold's favorite donut is random
  1. Talk to Mia in science classroom: she tells you how to soften her father. To find Harold's favorite donuts, go to the police station and question his two coworkers, Earl and Yumi, about it (the favorite donut is random). Buy the donut for at Glazie's, the donut shop. Return to the police station and give the donut box to Mia's father.
You get the achievement Donut craving.
  1. Next day, talk to Mia in science classroom.
Purple is Mia's color
The Tattoo
  1. Visit Mia in the evening. She asks you to draw a tattoo for her.
  2. Next day, go to the art classroom, click on the easel. Choose the purple butterfly. Another evening, another visit to Mia.
Wait until Saturday.
  1. Meet Mia at Sugar Tats on Saturday morning. Pay $200 for the tattoo.
  2. Next day, talk to Mia in science classroom. Visit Mia at night, she shows you her tattoo. You get caught by her mother.

Save Mia

  1. You receive an urgent text message from Mia. Go to her house. The key is on statue in Helen's room (right-side door in upstairs hallway).
Allow 3-4 days to pass.

Helen's Penance

  1. Visit Mia's house afternoon. Talk to Helen at church (requires 3-4 in charisma).
  2. Talk to Mia/Helen at her house in afternoon.
Allow 3-4 days to pass.

Harold is Missing

  1. You receive another text message from Mia. Go to her house in afternoon. Mia and helen ask you to find Harold. Find Harold (talk to people in police station, on Harold's desk photo frame is in lower right side).
Allow 3-4 days to pass.

Convince Helen

  1. Sister Angelica gives you a visit. Visit the church at night.
  2. Next day, convince Helen (requires 5 in charisma). Then visit church at night.

Harold's Sunglasses

  1. Visit Mia at school. Find the Aviators for Harold.

The Red Corset

  1. Pink shop sells all you need for Helen
    Visit Mia's house (upstairs) afternoon/night. Helen ask you to bring her a red corset. Buy the corset for $300 at Pink.

Ancient Sacrament: the whip

  1. Visit from Sister Angelica. Buy the whip at Pink. Visit church at night.

Stolen Goods

  1. Visit Mia's house in afternoon. Talk to Mia and Helen. Find Thief's stash (park). Return to Harold.

Ancient Sacrament: the strap-on

  1. Sister Angelica gives you a visit. Visit Harold. Buy the strap-on at Pink. Church night.
Save here for the branching.

Branch 1 — Make Helen your sex slave

  1. Have sex with Helen.
  2. Next day, talk to Harold again in police station for both Helen scenes.
  3. Have sex with Helen at afternoon at her place and at night in church.
You get the achievement Repentance.

Branch 2 — Take Mia's virginity

  1. Watch Sister Angelica.
  2. Next day, visit Mia's house during afternoon. Have sex with Mia at night.
You get the achievement Not a prude.

Erik, Mrs. Johnson and June Route



  1. Go to Erik's house basement, then go to the backroom. Look into the cabinet under the aquarium.
  2. Talk to Erik at mid-day in his room, choose "Cards" option.
  3. Go to the mall, then at Cosmic Cumics.
  4. Click on the cards' showcase (under the figurines' showcase).
  5. Buy the card Cock Crown of Thorns.
  6. Talk to Erik at mid-day in his room, choose "Cock Crown of Thorns" option.
  7. In the afternoon, go to the gym, then in the Yoga Room (at the back of the Gym's room).
  8. Talk to Mrs. Johnson, choose "What was that?" option: Anna appears during conversation.
  9. Continue the main storyline: Let one day pass.
  10. At mid-day, talk to Erik in the basement.
  11. Go to his bedroom: if "The Package" is an option of the conversation, it's OK, Else continue the main storyline.
  12. Go to your bedroom, click on "Egay" on your computer, type "Orcette" in the search bar, then purchase the item.
  13. Wait until Tuesday, check your mail box at front of your house, and take the package.
  14. Go to Erik's house at morning, talk to Mrs. Johnson.
  15. At mid-day, go to Erik's bedroom and talk to him: choose "The package" option.
  16. Sleep, and at morning Debbie enters your room and say Mrs. Johnson is at the door.
  17. Go to entrance: Mrs. Johnson talks to you.
  18. At mid-day, go to Erik's bedroom : Erik talks about his trouble.
  19. Go to school: MC beaten by Dexter. Leave hospital.
  20. Go to the entrance of your house : Mrs. Johnson and Debbie discussion. - Need $700.
  21. Visit Erik at his basement: he's drinking whiskey.
  22. Go to the Comic Store at the mall, left at Pink (sex store).
  23. Buy the VR glasses (in shelf, up to the figures' showcase): $600.
  24. Click on the shelf at left of the store, buy the game "World of Orcette" for $100.
  25. Talk to Erik in his bedroom, choose "VR Headset" option.
  26. Talk to Mrs. Johnson at morning: she needs you to Yoga practice.
  27. Instructions for Anna
    At night, go to gym, then to the Yoga Room : talk to Anna. Choose Downward Dog, then Happy Baby and finally Plow Position.
    You get the achievement Yoga Apprentice.
  28. At night, go to Erik's bedroom. Then go to Mrs. Johnson's bedroom: she's breastfeeding Erik.
  29. Let one day pass.
  30. Talk to Mrs. Johnson at morning: choose "Breastfeeding" option.
  31. Go to Erik's bedroom, and choose "Mrs. Johnson" option.
  32. Need to sleep several times to trigger random telescope scene.
  33. When MC is hearing noise outside when sleeping, choose "Use the telescope".
  34. Go to the Backyard, click on the robber.
  35. Go to the Police Station, then to Police Basement.
  36. Talk to Larry.
  37. Go to Erik's house: Mrs. Johnson discussion.
  38. At mid-day, talk to Erik in his bedroom: choose "Message from your Dad." option.
  39. Talk to Larry at Police Basement, then go to Park. Click on tree.
  40. Click on bag then on key. - Need Charisma up to 5.
  41. Let pass one day.
  42. Go to Erik's house: Mrs. Johnson and Erik discussion.
  43. At night, go to Mrs. Johnson bedroom, choose "Invite to Poker".
  44. Offer a drink (click on bottle of whiskey in basement).
  45. Win Poker game by stripping Mrs. Johnson. (Guide at the bottom).
  46. Choose "Go see her" option. Then go to basement's backroom. Click on Mrs. Johnson: teasing scene.
  47. Let one day pass. Go to Erik's house: Mrs. Johnson discussion.
  48. Talk to Erik at mid-day.
  49. Talk to Mrs. Johnson: Erik's House Entrance if morning, Mrs. Johnson's bedroom if night.
  50. Choose "About Erik" option.
When you see this popup, save!
Save here for the first branching.

Branch 1 — Sex education

  1. Let pass one day. Go to Erik's bedroom: Erik conversation.
  2. Go to Mrs. Johnson's bedroom: trigger side-quest Birth Control Pills and Kama Sutra book.
  3. Go to the library, click on shelf and click on Yoga Kamasutra book.
  4. Go to the clinic.
  5. Talk to the receptionist Roz: choose "Schedule" option.
  6. Go to second floor, click on right door, and click on phone. Go to 1st floor, click on reception desk, then click on box keys: take card "STORAGE" card (access key).
  7. Go to second floor, click on right door, then click on up-left window: take "ANTI PREG" pills.
  8. Go to Mrs. Johnson's bedroom: MC gives her items.
  9. Let one day pass, go to Mrs. Johnson's bedroom. Click on her: choose "Sex education" option.

Branch 2 — Get Erik a girlfriend

  1. Go to Erik's bedroom, choose "Girlfriend" option.
  2. Go to school, then to Computer Lab (next to Cafeteria).
  3. Click on the geek girl, June. Choose "Ask about class".
Save here for the second branching.

Choice 1 — My friend Erik

  1. At mid-day, go to Erik's bedroom. Talk to Erik and choose "Girlfriend" option.
  2. At night, go to Mrs. Johnson's bedroom. Talk to her and choose "Girlfriend" option.
  3. Let one day pass. Go to Erik's house: Erik and June discussion.
  4. At night, go to Mrs. Johnson's bedroom. Click on her: choose "Private Yoga" option.

Choice 2 — I'll play

  1. At mid-day, go to Erik's bedroom. Talk to Erik and choose "Girlfriend" option.
  2. At night, go to Mrs. Johnson's bedroom. Talk to her and choose "Girlfriend" option.
Orc Bork
  1. Let one day pass. Go to Computer Lab at school. Talk to June, choose "Hang out" option.
  2. At night, in your bedroom, talk to June, and choose "Play games" option.
  3. Win the minigame. Choose "It's hot" option.
  4. Go to Computer Lab at school. Talk to June, choose "Cosplay" option.
  5. Go to the comic store. Click on costume, and buy "Orcette Queen" outfit.
  6. Go to Computer Lab at school. Talk to June, choose "Cosplay" option: give her the outfit.
  7. At night, in your bedroom, talk to June: June wears outfit, sex scene.


  1. Each time you "Hang out" her (Computer Lab), you can fuck her at night in your bedroom: "Cosplay Sex" or "Sex".

Aqua Route


The Treasure Hunt

  1. Go to the pier and ask Captain Terry what's his secret. He agrees to trade a special lure for a golden compass.
  2. Roz is certainly the oldest resident. Go to the clinic and talk to the receptionist about ancestry. She will meet you on the second floor. Enter the clinic storage room (right door). Enjoy the next scene… or blame DarkCookie! Read the obituary records in your inventory. You are now looking for the boatsmith tombstone.
You get the achievement Oldies Goodies.
  1. Use the hole in the wall in Diane's garden and enter the graveyard. Examine the tombstone on the left side. Where could you find a bell? Visit the church, go up the stairs to the bell tower. Look at the engravings.
  2. Raven Hill has a tree with a hollow. Go over there and search inside. Open the old scroll to find another clue.
  3. Wait for the evening and go to the forest. Approach the stone in its center: this is a puzzle minigame! Shuffle the tiles until they draw an half moon with three stripes in upper left. You obtain the treasure map.
  4. Next day, go to the library, check the shelfs for a book called Derpy Answers.
  5. In the park, take a look at the fountain. Catch the old coin in the lower left corner. Now you have the treasure's map, key and code.
  6. If you don't have it already, take the shovel inside your garage. Go to the beach then on the small island, dig under the cross. The code to unlock the treasure is 1-5-1-3, or after deciphering, Octopus-Mermaid-Octopus-Anchor. The golden compass is yours!
  7. Return to the pier, talk to Terry about the compass. He gives you the golden lure.

Finding Aqua

  1. Stay on the pier and go fishing. Cast your new lure on the hole in seafloor. Aqua appears and steals it; dive after her. Your opponent in the next fight is… an octopus, defeat it. Escape the underwater cave maze by going Up-Up-Left-Left-Up-Right-Up. You finally discover Aqua's lair. Talk to the monster girl twice and offer your help for the mating.
  2. Return to the pier (use the map) and asks Captain Terry what he thinks about retiring: he wants his greatest enemy, Tigger. Go fishing and capture the ugly fish with the golden lure. After giving him the catch of the day, the captaine is free! Back to the lair, Aqua is now ready to mate with you. Enjoy.
  3. On the left side of the lair is a strange creature. Aqua presents you SeaSucc. Bring back the mushroom from the forest. The seasucc rewards you with pleasure.
You get the achievement The Mermaid.

Ms. Bissette — French Teacher Route


  • Repair your computer (buy the parts from Consum-R)
  • Pay the library subscription fee
  • Get the masterkey (from Principal Smith's office in the afternoon)
  • Strength up to 2
  • $500

French Dictionary

  1. Enter the French classroom and talk to Ms. Bissette about the private tutoring, you receive mission to get a French dictionary. Go to library and talk to Jane, the librarian. Check the bookshelf and take the dictionnary. Ask the librarian about the ripped pages. Inform Ms. Bissette about the problem. The french teacher suggests you to borrow a classmate's dictionnary. Talk to Judith in the left hallway to obtain her (if she is not here, then you need to comfort her in the girls locker room first). Go to the computer lab, try the printer and ask June for help. "Fixing" the printer requires 2 in strength. Return to French classroom to start the first lesson. Don't forget to give back the dictionary to Judith.

French Food

  1. Next day, find Principal Smith yelling at Ms. Bissette in the classroom. Your next homework is about food. Visit the library and talk to Jane. She orders your book in exchange for help: 3 overdue books have to be returned from Erik, Martinez and Dexter.
    1. Talk to Erik: he has lost it in his bedroom. During the day, go to his house and check under the bed to find the book.
    2. At school, go to the left hallway where Martinez makes fun of you. Follow her in the boys locker room. Open her backpack to pick the book up while the latinas are busy in the showers.
    3. In the afternoon, meet Dexter at the basketball court. He's not much of a talker either. So, head to the right hallway, open the beaten up locker and collect the book (requires the masterkey). For sure Dexter has school difficulties!
  2. Report to the librarian and get the book from her. Go home and do the school work on your computer.
  3. Next day, enter the French classroom. After the class, the teacher introduces you to her special reward.
Ms. Bissette's special way of encouraging students
French Romance
  1. Next day, you receive a new assignment from Ms. Bissette, writing a romantic poem in French. You know what to do: go to the library and talk to Jane. Wait for the afternoon and Mia appears at the library. Speak to her, then take the French romance book in the library backroom. At home, use your computer to finish the homework.
  2. Next day, head to the computer lab and use the printer. Hand your poem to Ms. Bissette in her classroom. She invites you to recite it with a partner for the class. How embarrassing for Roxxy! The French teacher gives you one last private lesson.

Convincing Roxxy

  1. Next day, wait for the evening and go to Ms. Bissette's office on the third floor. She asks you to convince Roxxy to attend the French test.
  2. Next day, talk to Roxxy. She accepts on the condition that you retrieve her pom-poms. Make your way to Coach Bridget's office in the morning, open the locker and take them. Quickly hide inside the locker for an extra scene when you hear the coach coming back. After returning the pom-poms, you offer Roxxy Jenny's help for her routine. Go home, find Jenny in her bedroom and pay $500 for the help. Go back and speak to Roxxy. Wait for the next afternoon. At home, go downstairs and welcome the cheerleader. Make sure the girls are "training" in Jenny's bedroom.
  3. Next day, wait for the evening and tell the good news to Ms. Bissette in her office.

French Quiz

  1. Next day, enter the classroom and pass the French quiz test. Join Ms. Bissette upstairs in the evening; she proves to you the French make the best lovers!
You get the achievement Excellent français.

Ms. Dewitt — Music Teacher Route


  • Get the masterkey (from Principal Smith's office in the afternoon)
  • Strength up to 6 (paint at the tattoo parlor

Get a Flute

  1. Take the wood in Raven Hill
    Talk to erik, then go to Raven Hill and click on the branch. Go to your home garage: take the drill on the shelf by the left and use the workbench by right. Return to class and do those stuff.

Volunteers for Talent Show

  1. Ms. Dewitt talks about the talent show and the like, and MC of course is roped in and have to find 2 other people to do the talent show. So first to get Eve and tell her that talent show stuff. and you will tell her that Erik have the karoke machine, so go to erik house at nighttime and do the musical notes. You must click the notes at the line. when you finished Eve will join. Now you must go ask Erik at his house at nighttime he will say no. Then go to Kevin at the cafeteria during afternoon and you will get quest for guitar, talk to erik about it and you must get the boards from the treehouse, then go to Diane shed and grab the paint then go to garage and do those workbench modification. then go to basement and get Red guitar. Now back to Kevin and you got him in the team.

Cleaning the auditorium

  1. Do the classes untill you get the auditorium trashed message from Eve. Follow the trail to Principal Smith's office, take a look inside the office to find the culprits. Then do the park stuff at night. Get quest for beers. talk to Erik for beers. Go in the basement of Erik house and grab them. Go to auditorium during morning or afternoon. after you done cleaning the auditorium, Go to Dewitt classroom to talk to her. Proceed with Kevin and Eve. Go to science classroom and get prompt for nighttime raid.


  1. Go talk to Erik at his house at night or afternoon cafeteria, then go to school at night and follow the robed people then go to smith office. then leave. go to school as usual and cutscene, then go to smith office and see the sticky people.

Talent Show

  1. Go to auditorium and do the stuff and musical note (must land the note at the line) and do those stuff . Then you can go to Ms. Dewitt office at night anytime you want.
You get the achievement Music taste.

Ms. Okita — Science Teacher Route


Office Break-in

  1. Enter the science classroom. Ms. Okita shows you how tactless she is.
  2. Next day, return to the classroom. The science teacher asks you to get the keycode to her office. Wait for the afternoon and sneak inside Principal Smith's office. Take the note inside the desk so you can use the code 6219 on Ms. Okita's office door. Meet Konterina, the cute robot that wants to be your friend. Pick up the blueprints, the lab coat and the safety glasses and give them to Ms. Okita. Enjoy the strip.

Okitatron Oculars (aka the Undressing Glasses)

  1. Talk to Ms. Okita. She's looking for specific lenses for her invention. Who at school wears glasses? Speak to Judith: she invites you to the park in the afternoon. Do it. Then go to school left hallway and find Judith's locker (requires the masterkey). It's the one with "cow" written on it. Get the glasses and report to Ms. Okita. Complete the glasses (requires 5 in intelligence). The X-Ray mode reveals a lot more than it should do! Follow the teacher in her office for a penis inspection…

Okitatron Belt (aka the Vibrating Panties)

  1. Go to the science classroom and talk to Ms. Okita. Today you are working on a new device; the okitatron belt requires a faptic engine. Meet June in the computer lab who explains you could find the engine in a controller. Return to the science classroom and ask Erik about the Master Blaster. Go to the treehouse behind his house, and climb up to the cabin. Bingo the controller is here! Bring it back to June, then the faptic engine back to the teacher. Assemble the belt (requires 8 in intelligence), and go to Ms. Okita's office to give a demonstration. Feel the micro-vibrations, a lot of micro-vibrations!
Allow 3 days to pass.
  1. Enter the science classroom. Ms. Okita just has time to hand you the belt remote before being interrupted by Principal Smith. What if you press the button now? Have fun.

Serum recipes

Blue serum = Flower + DNA + Stock
Pink serum = Toad + Mushroom + Semen

Okitatron Serum (aka the Mind Wipe Serum)

  1. Back in the classroom, Ms. Okita is ready for another experiment, this time to get ride of the principal. You need five ingredients: toad, mushroom, luminescent flower, stock, and Principal Smith's DNA. Most of them can be found in the forest, so wait for the evening and go there; the mushroom is in the clearing, the toad near the cave entrance, the flower inside the cave.
  2. Next day, go shop at Consum-R, in the mall, talk to the clerk and buy chicken stock. Only one ingredient to go! Wait for the afternoon and head to Principal Smith's office. Annie is keeping her door, so you need to convince the hallway monitor (requires 7 in charisma). Enter, look inside the trash and get the used tissue. Report back to the science teacher, then wait until evening and meet her in her office. One handjob later, it's your turn to work. Create two serums according to Ms Okita's instructions: blue has flower, Principal Smith's DNA and chicken stock; pink has toad, mushroom and your semen.
  3. Next day, you still have to find a way to make the principal drinks the serum. Go to the teacher's lounge in the morning and add it in the coffee. Conclude your job by speaking with Ms. Okita. The effect doesn't take long and you already can hear Principal Smith cackling.
Allow 3 days to pass.

Augmented Reality

  1. Enter the science classroom. Wait for the evening and go to Ms. Okita's office to see the result of your work. The teacher makes you test her latest invention. Virtual sex has never been so real!
You get the achievement Science experiments.

Ms. Ross — Art Teacher Route


Art Time

  1. Enter the art classroom. The teacher, Ms. Ross, tells you to get a block of clay. You find it on the top of the closet.
  2. Talk to Ms. Ross to trigger the quest of finding artpad. You must go find Eve and talk to her during afternoon in school right hallway and get backpack quest. Go to the park and get the backpack and report to Eve. She tells you to talk to Chad. Do so and he tells you to get her drawing from her locker. Do so then give the drawing to him. He will give you the art pad then you must report back to Ms. Ross. Do the drawing.

The Search for Magazines

  1. Ms. Ross tells you to find magazines. Go to the library and talk to the librarian. She doesn't have it. Search around school: go to the teachers lounge (requires 5 in intelligence), basketball court (requires 3 in dexterity), and talk to Kevin in cafeteria during the afternoon. Go back to Ms.Ross and do the collage.

Nude Painting

  1. Talk to Ms. Ross: she needs a new easel. Suggest to her to make a new one. Go to the treehouse and take the lumber. Then go to the garage and use the workbench. Return back to Ms. Ross. Bad news, the nude modeler has cancelled. Convince Judith to be the new model and report back to Ms. Ross. Do the scene.

Principal Smith's Painting

  1. Principal Smith surprises the students naked. She mades an offer you can't refuse: if you do a painting for her, Ms. Ross won't be fired. But first, you need some linens. Go to church and ask Sister Angelica for some.
  2. Come back after few day. The principal and Annie are ready to be painted. Ms. Ross sends the paint to the contest.
Wait a week.
  1. Talk to Ms. Ross. Iwanka gives you the first prize. The teacher asks you to join her in her office at the evening for a special art session. Do so and enjoy!
You get the achievement Painting in the nude.

Roxxy Route



  1. Go to the third floor of the school and find Roxxy arguing with the teachers.
  2. Next day, spy on the conversation between Roxxy and her friends in the girls locker room.
  3. Next day, go to school. Eve and Kevin tell you that Roxxy and Dexter have a dispute at the basketball court. Watch the show. Back to school, Erik tells you Coach Bridget is waiting for you. After a physical exercise at the courtyard, enter the boys locker room. Talk to Becca and Missy: you need 5 points in charisma to access the showers. The next scene proves that Roxxy has nothing to hide!

Lollipop for Homework

  1. Next day, go to the French classroom. Roxxy needs your homework so bad she gives you her lollipop in exchange. Go get the French homework from your locker and give it to her.
  2. Next day, go to school where you get confronted by Dexter.
  3. Next day, go to school. Ms. Bissette asks you to help Roxxy. Wait for the evening, and go to the trailer park, the new location has been unlocked on the left side of the map. Here she leaves with her mother Crystal and her cousin Clyde. Go back at home, Debbie welcomes Roxxy. Study together in your bedroom.
Allow 2 days to pass.

Roxxy's Uniform

  1. Win the shooting range minigame without cheating for the best reward
    In the school hall, Roxxy is talking with her best friends: she is looking for a cheerleading uniform. Accompany her to the trailer. Talk with Crystal at the trailer and with Clyde at the tractor. Win the shooting range minigame. Find Clyde's pet Dogeek in the shack. What a strange dog! Next stops are the trailer and the trailer bedroom. Then back to school, Roxxy thanks you for your help.

Fake ID

  1. Next day, enter the French classroom, Eve informs you that Roxxy and Dexter are arguing again at the basketball court. Go over there to attend the scene. Return into the classroom and talk to Roxxy about drinks. Do the same with Erik; he tells you that a guy makes fake ID at the pier. Report the good news to the girls in the classroom. The pier is a new location near the beach. Go speak with Captain Terry and ask him about the fake ID. Again, return and talk to the girls: you agree to meet Roxxy at the mall. So go to the mall, then to the photobooth on the second floor. You get a photo of you both.
    The compromising picture
    Make sure you have at least $400, the price of the fake ID. Return at the pier where the girls meet Terry. Enjoy the next sexy scene (the choice doesn't matter)!
Allow 2 days to pass.

Crystal in Prison

  1. Go to school, Roxxy asks you to take her to the trailer. Read the message on the trailer's door, go find Clyde at the tractor. Go home, have a discussion with Debbie and Roxxy about the situation. Now that the building has been unlocked, enter the police station and head for the office. Talk to Earl, the police officer eating a donut, then go talk with Crystal imprisoned in the basement.
  2. Go to the trailer park and ask Clyde what he thinks about Crystal in prison and Roxxy. Convincing him to help requires 7 in charisma.

Selling the Meth

  1. Talk to Roxxy at school. Give another visit to Clyde to ask him about selling the meth, he agrees. Wait for the evening and meet him at Roxxy's trailer: time to deal some drug! In the park, meet Pilly, the suspicious guy near the left bench. Go to sleep.
  2. Next day, go to school. Roxxy thanks you.
Allow 3 days to pass.

Vodka for Becca

  1. Back in the French classroom, ask Roxxy how is everything going. To join the girls at the beach party on the weekend, you need to get on Becca's good side. Seek advice from Missy at the basketball court: bringing a Goldschwagger Vodka will do the job. Go to Captain Terry at the pier, he offers you the vodka free of charge.
Wait until Saturday afternoon.

Spin the Bottle

  1. Party time! Go to the beach and play to Spin the Bottle with the girls.

The French Exams

  1. In the French classroom, Roxxy convinces you (with good arguments!) to steal the exams. Wait for the evening and go to Principal Smith's house, on the left side of the school. Go upstairs, enter the bedroom and look behind the painting above the desk. With the key, open it and take the exams. Go out the window and sleep in your bed.
  2. Go to school, give the exams to Roxxy at school. Enjoy the locker scene.
  3. Next day, Ms. Dewitt asks you to put stuff in the auditorium. Once there, you witness Dexter harassing Becca. Telling Roxxy what's happen or remaining silent doesn't change anything. You're now invited to the bikini contest.
Wait until Saturday afternoon.

Bikini Contest

  1. Miss Sara's bikini is hanging off the stage
    The bikini contest is here! Go to the beach water and speak to Captain Terry who is on stage with Miss Sara. Then to the girls who are next to it. Follow Roxxy into the changing room after her bikini broke. Fortunately, Miss Sara left her own bikini hanging off the stage; give it to Roxxy. Go take the massage oil in the beach tower, and bring it back to her. Enjoy the massage session. Thanks to your efforts, Roxxy wins the contest.


  1. Next week, go to school. Erik takes you to the school courtyard where Dexter challenges you in a new push-ups minigame. Its difficulty is based on your strength stat (it determines how fast your bar fills up: strength at 1 makes it possible but 5 is recommended since you're going to need it later on). Beat Dexter.
  2. Next day, go to school and accept Roxxy's invitation. Meet her in the trailer park in the afternoon. The dinner is ruined by the rain, so follow Roxxy in her bedroom inside the trailer. Dexter surprises you while you kiss her girlfriend. How could it be any worse?

Dexter's Challenges Accepted

  1. The best angle to score is 15° from the top
    Go to school. Dexter is waiting for you at the courtyard. Humiliate him at basketball.
  2. Next day, go to school. Make sure your stats are high enough before you continue. Dexter challenges you in a fight that requires at least 5 in strength and 3 in dexterity to give you enough time to press the correct buttons. Give him a lesson. Roxxy invites you to hang out in the evening, so go to the trailer's bedroom where you can finally have sex with her.
You get the achievement You're the man.

Fun in the Locker (optional)

You need to repeat this sex scene another time to progress.
  1. Go to school. Roxxy's little gang is discussing how good you are in bed. This unlocks further progress for the minigame Spin the Bottle. Roxxy takes you in the locker for some enjoyable action.

Spin the Bottle (optional)

Wait until Saturday or Sunday evening.
  1. Join the girls at the beach and play the minigame. When Roxxy announces the last spin, save. Where the bottle stops gives you a different scene. Reload your save (or use the CTRL key on PC) to reset the minigame and avoid landing on the same person again. If the spin points at you, then you win the best reward!

Mother like Daughter (optional)

  1. To unlock the sex scenes with Crystal, hang out with Roxxy in the trailer one more time; then on the next day, talk to Crystal during the day.

Daisy Route

As of version 0.17.5, do not examine the statue parts in your inventory. It causes an issue with saving your game progress.


A mysterious statue

Mysterious Statue Parts

The legs are found by Richard
The torso is found by Clyde
The head is found by Consuela
  1. Find the 3 parts of the mysterious statue:
    1. Upon completion of Diane's barn, Annie's father, Richard, hands over the bottom part of the statue to you.
    2. Ask Clyde about his dog at the trailer park. Go to Cupid store at the mall and buy a Pink Beaver plush. Go back and give him the plush. Clyde rewards you with the middle part of the statue.
    3. Buy the Beach House. Meet Consuela at the Beach House on Thursday in the afternoon (she is only available on Thursday afternoons). Revisit the house the next Thursday: she has found the top part of the statue.

Meet Daisy

  1. With the 3 parts in your possession, go to the barn. After the cutscene, take a look at the statue in the garden. Ask Diane for a sample of her milk and pour it on the statue. It suddenly turns into a cow girl! Join the girls in the barn.
Allow 3 days to pass.
  1. Go to the barn. You can now talk to Daisy.
Allow 2 days to pass.

Veggie Pizza

  1. Go to Diane's and take care of the garden. Diane is milking the cow girl in the barn. Daisy wants a pizza, so go to Tony's Pizza, buy a vegetarian pizza and bring it back to her.
Allow 2 days to pass.

The Sunflowers

  1. Go to the barn. Daisy's flowers have died. To make her happy, buy sunflowers at Cupid. Return to the barn and talk to Daisy again: mission accomplished!
  2. Next day, talk to Daisy for your first milking session with her.
  3. Next day, go say hi to Daisy before a horny Diane requires some sexual favour from you (Diane CANNOT be pregnant for this to occur and Daisy route to progress). Diane and Daisy have a discussion together later.
  4. Next day, meet Daisy who is eagerly wanting to have some fun with you. Agree.
You get the achievement More girl than cow.

Pregnancy (optional)

  1. You can now have sex with Daisy and make her pregnant. If you succed in the minigame, the pregnancy will evolve over 4 weeks until birth, and another 2 weeks until she sends it to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Daisy.