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In order to improve the user experience and the readability of this article, the routes have been moved to their own dedicated page. Just follow the links given in the sections to find the usual and unchanged content. Thank you.
It's recommended to progress one route at a time unless it requires that you cross over with another one. Several bugs are susceptible to block the game, but focusing on one girl at a time until completion will bypass the majority of these. Please read the Getting started page for information about the gameplay.

Twelve routes are currently available in Summertime Saga. The other characters in the game will also benefit from their own routes later, which will be added in stages according to future votes of the community. The next new route announced is dedicated to Eve and her sister Grace.

Jenny's route

Main article: Jenny's route

Debbie's route

Main article: Debbie's route

Diane's route

Main article: Diane's route

Mia and Helen's route

Main article: Mia and Helen's route

Erik, Mrs. Johnson and June's route

Aqua's route

Main article: Aqua's route

Ms. Bissette's route

Main article: Ms. Bissette's route

Ms. Dewitt's route

Main article: Ms. Dewitt's route

Ms. Okita's route

File:Ms. Okita's route.png
Ms. Okita always stays cool
Main article: Ms. Okita's route

Ms. Ross' route

Main article: Ms. Ross' route

Roxxy's route

File:Roxxy's route.png
Pleasant moments will be shared on the beach
Main article: Roxxy's route

Daisy's route

Main article: Daisy's route