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Summertime Saga now supports crowd sourced translations, allowing fans to help translate Summertime Saga into their native language.

The translation system has been developed to prioritise protection of translated strings, to try and ensure that any loss of translations are minimised for new updates. However, there will inevitably be losses when older story lines are revisited/refreshed.

Getting Started

This feature is open to everyone, although you do have to request access. If you would like to help the project, first register here. Make sure you enter a valid email, as email verification is on. You do not need to enter your full name, just use an alias instead.

Once you have confirmed your email and set your password, contact CreamyCookie#3927 on Discord providing your username and native language, who will grant you access to the translator Discord, and approve your account. Depending on demand and workload, responses may take up to a week, so please be patient.

After you're registered and approved, login and click "Summertime Saga", then "Game", and you'll find the available languages. We currently support: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Filipino, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian (Bokmål), Portugese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. If you would like to see another language supported, please contact sam9 on Discord.

Before starting translating, you must agree to the contributor agreement.

Translation Process

Translation Overview

On the language selection page, click the Translate button next to your native language. You'll instantly be taken to a line of dialogue that needs translating. On the right, you'll see "Source string location", which tells you where the string is in the game files. If available, you'll also see the "Source string comment" above the original English text, this tells you who is saying the dialogue, and in what label.

Once you've translated the string, click the Save button. Once saved, the next line of dialogue will automatically be loaded.

"Zen mode" offers an alternate, slimmed down interface which may be faster for some users, this is accessible on the top right of the page, by clicking the Zen button.


When translating, please keep these things in mind:

  • In the original English, there is lots of informal language, slang, accents, etc. Where possible, try to keep the context and tone of the original text.
  • First and last names should be kept in their original English form.
  • Honorifics/relations should be translated, eg Mr, Mrs, Sister, Master, Captain, etc.
  • Make sure you keep any RenPy tags intact, these are letters encased with { and }. For example, "Hi {b}Debbie{/b}" should be "Salut {b}Debbie{/b}".
    • {#tag} are translation notes about a string. As with other RenPy tags, this should not be translated, but give added context about a phrase. For example, {#hint}Sticky is used for the password "hint" for Anon's PC.
  • Make sure you don't translate variables, these are words encased with [ and ], such as [firstname], [jen_name], etc.
  • If you notice an issue with the original English string, please report it in the #source_issues room on Discord.


Some strings have limited information available due to how they're used in the game. However, all strings will say where they are in the game files.

For example, on the translate overview page (example), on the right, under "Source string location" has: game/scripts/characters/angelica/button_angelicas_room_dialogues.rpy:7. This is where the line is used in the source files.

Additionally, because this string is said by a character, it has: angelica in angelicas_room_dialogue_helen_route_pre as the "Source string comment", telling you Angelica said the phrase, in the angelicas_room_dialogue_helen_route_pre label. This label can be immediately jumped to in game by first enabling the console, then pressing ⇧ Shift+O, and typing: call label_name.

Strings are also displayed in the order they appear in game, so lines of conversation follow each other, and can be seen on the "Nearby strings" tab, below the Save button.

We know that context matters and it's not always possible to be 100% accurate, don't worry too much if it isn't. The translation can always be improved at a later date when the translation is bundled with the game, and someone notices a mistake or an improvement that can be made.


Feel free to ask any questions on the dedicated translator Discord.