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Console Access for Windows/Linux/Mac

Using the console can seriously break your game. Proceed at your own risk.
  1. Download this file and place it in the [SummertimeSaga Game folder]\game folder if you're on Windows or Linux, or the folder if you're on Mac.
  2. Alternatively, write the following in a text file, and place it in the same folder, after changing that file's extension to .rpy :
init 100 python:
    config.console = True
    config.developer = True
    persistent.enable_save_locking = False
  1. Restart the game, making sure to save your progress
  2. Press SHIFT+O to open the console

Console Access for Android & Developer Menu

Like the console, using this menu can seriously break your game. Proceed at your own risk.
  1. Open MC's phone and click the Wifi icon, this will open the blue developer menu
  2. Dismiss the text field by hitting the phone back button a couple of times
  3. Click the black icon on the top right, next to the exit button
  4. You have now opened the console, you can now type in the commands you want
  5. Once completed, type exit to exit the console screen

Auto Masher For Strength Training

Here is a way to make it much easier to increase MC's strength without killing your own fingers

  1. First download AutoHotkey here
  2. Then download this script from here
  3. Once the script is downloaded double click on it to open/activate it
  4. Now during the strength training mini-game all you have to do is hold down the CapsLock key :D