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The Stats tracker is in the phone menu

The stats tracker is a game functionality that shows how good is the main character in four skills: Strength, Dexterity, Charisma and Intelligence. Every time the dialogue displays [STR], [DEX], [CHR] or [INT], it means that the corresponding skill is not sufficient and that more training is expected. They unlock specific answers or actions to help the player to progress in the routes. As a result, higher are the main character's stats, further you will advance in game.

Improving them is not an easy task and relies on the minigames you find during your adventure. Their mechanisms are detailed on their dedicated pages. The stats tracker screen can be accessed from the phone menu at the top of the screen.


Weightlifting minigame

Some action scenes has a strength stat check in order to pass them. It also increases actions completion rate. The stat can be improved through the weightlifting minigame at the gym. But first, you need to ask Kevin to train you: talk to him in the cafeteria in the second floor of the school, then find a way to convince Erik to trade him.

This stat is required in:


Muay Thai minigame
For more information about the panties list, see Muay Thai minigame § Panties list

Dexterity stat allows for longer time to complete input of commands. It is gained through Muay Thai minigame in the gym. Master Somrak will agree to train his art in exchange for a special compensation.

This stat is required in:


Rap battle minigame
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Charisma stat unlocks new dialogue options. It's improved by succeeding in the rap battle minigame in the park at night. You will have to surpass three opponents in rhymes.

This stat is required in:


Maze Runner minigame

Intelligence stat unlocks new dialogue options. Playing the Maze Runner minigame on the computer in the main character's bedroom will give you more intelligence. The computer needs to be repaired first (buy the parts for $200 from Consum-R).

This stat is required in: