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Master Somrak
Gender Male
Hair color White
Eye color Brown
Morning Gym
Afternoon Gym
Evening Gym

Master Somrak teaches Muay Thai at the gym.


Master Somrak is an old man of short stature with a bald head, with his face being decorated by plentiful bushy white hair.

His martial art outfit is a sleeveless traditional red jacket with matching short; a black belt is wrapped around the waist and a mongkon around his head. He carries a walking stick with him.


Drawing on several decades of expertise in Muay Thai, Master Somrak is adamant about the main character’s training. However, the master is perverted as he requires his payment to be granted in panties by pretending a Chi energy matter.


He guides anyone under one condition: panties shall be donated and not just any kind of panties, used panties.

The main character – or rather the young monkey – will have to steal four panties to benefit from his knowledge and become a tiger.


Scene list
Old Master Training
Paying him in panties, the player can follow Master Somrak’s boxing training and improve dexterity stat.