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DarkCookie, Summertime Saga’s main artist, regularly asks the viewers for their opinion during his live videos, whether for the drawing or the name of items or locations. Be advised that the list of these inputs is far from being exhaustive.


The raffles are informal events where the winners submit illustration proposals suitable for the content:

Content Description
Samantha Manson / Odette Raffle won by MikeOdette
Ricardo Milos / Ricky Chosen by AlCoholic
Keanu Reeves / Keeves Chosen by Nanashi774
Karl February 2019 raffle won by prizedhog
Justin February 2019 raffle won by rubAduckee
CineSaga ticket ?
Raven Hill name Raffle won by RavenClaw. A raffle was held during a stream to choose a name for the newly added hill overlooking the town. The only name the winner could come up with was Yaya Hill, a name that made everyone laugh for its bland sounding. The name Raven Hill was finally picked up.
Sign hanging from Eve’s tent Chosen by Zotan123
The Box of Shame The box origin dates back to when DarkCookie was doing the treehouse location; raffles were done where winners could add any item of choice for the box. Quite an opportunity! The first winner wanted an old pair of panties, which was at first regarded as a waste by chat. However, as any solid ideas failed to come up with new raffles, the illustrator ended up adding the panties and a pair of binoculars suggested by chat. All the names of the winners were crossed out and the box was named The Box of Shame.


One way to show the streamer’s appreciation for his fans is to insert their names into the game:

User name Description
Alex76 Graffed on the outside wall of the tattoo parlor.
Axios Written on the mug placed in the dealership break room.
DecentWanker Graffed on the front wall of the tattoo parlor, and on the fridge of the beachhouse.
Eevee Written inside the tattoo parlor garage.
HimeN Written inside a stall in the school girls’ locker room.
jabzap Graffed on the outside wall of the tattoo parlor.
Livingston69 Scratched on the wall in Eve’s bedroom.
NhKPaNdA The graffiti “Free the pandas” found in the assembly hall during Ms. Dewitt’s route is a reminder of a team member.
Purt Graffed on the outside wall of the tattoo parlor.
Skyear Graffed on the outside wall of the tattoo parlor.
Skynetto Painted on the police station wall.
Theconcanadian Moose head in the attic place.
TheTittyShit Contact in Jenny`s email list.
TurbonizeR Glued on a cabinet in the dealership mechanical workshop.
Tuuku Written inside Dexter’s locker.