Mrs. Johnson

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Mrs. Tammy Johnson
"Mrs. Johnson illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Chestnut
Eye color Green
Relatives Larry (ex‐husband)
Morning Erik's House
Afternoon Gym


Mrs. Johnson is a fit shapely mature woman with wavy brown hair and green eyes.

Her typical attire consist of a short purple yoga tank top and black yoga pants. She wears purple earrings, and in her hands is a yoga mat.


Similar to Debbie, she wishes the best for Erik and wants him to come out of his shell someday. She comes across as a caring and loving figure. Mrs. Johnson is very physically active.


Mrs. Johnson has Erik as lodger. She is separated from her former husband, Larry, and she has not heard from him for years. She is a yoga teacher in the local gym and takes her activity very seriously by practicing it at home in her birthday suit too.


See Mrs. Johnson's route for the complete walkthrough.



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