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Image:Map.png|thumb|800px|center|Click on a location on the map to open its page
Image:Map.jpg|thumb|800px|center|Click on a location on the map to open its page
rect 109 058 219 168 [[Warehouse]]
rect 109 058 219 168 [[Warehouse]]
rect 104 176 238 322 [[Saga Dealership]]
rect 104 176 238 322 [[Saga Dealership]]

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Welcome in Summerville, a small and quiet city that offers a wide variety of places to visit. Benefiting from a pleasant beach, the city is also bordered by a rather large forest, thus multiplying the activities at your disposal. Enjoy the sport at the basketball court, the pool or the gym; but you can prefer the calm of fishing at the pier, or a walk in the park.

Summerville has good shopping with the local mall, the tattoo parlor and SAGA dealership. If you are hungry, Glazie's sells the best donuts in town, and the famous pizzeria Tony's Pizza is always open. Other facilities include the church, the library, the police station, the clinic and the high school.

However, we must advise you not to visit the warehouse for your own safety.

WarehouseSaga DealershipForestTrailer ParkTony's PizzaPierLairPoolClinicBeach HouseYachtBeachPrincipal Smith's HouseParkAnnie's HouseErik's HouseTreehouseMayor Rump's HouseGymLibraryChurchDiane's HouseGlazie'sRaven HillSugar TatsMallSaga Financial BankPolice StationHomeMia's HouseBasketball CourtSchool
Click on a location on the map to open its page


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