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"Josephine illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Mr. Sato (father)
Morning Saga Dealership
Afternoon Saga Dealership

Josephine works at Saga Dealership. She is the daughter of Mr. Sato.


Josephine is a young woman with brown hair and dark eyes.

She is seen wearing a blue business blazer curved at waist, and a white shirt below it. A pencil skirt, also blue, completes her outfit.


Josephine is a lethargic employee, and holds a certain animosity towards her father Mr. Sato. She is willing to break work policies just to oppose him.


For the complete walkthrough, see Main story: Part 1.

In spite of herself, she competes against Kim and his ambitions, while her father – and owner of SAGA – expects her daughter to behave professionally.


Quick overview
Do Me a Favor
Josephine agrees to help you with Debbie’s car. But everything has a price sooner or later!