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This character does not have a route yet.
This character does not have a route yet.
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'''Do Me a Favor'''
'''Do Me a Favor'''

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"Josephine illustration"
Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Mr. Sato (father)
Morning Saga Dealership
Afternoon Saga Dealership


Josephine is a young woman with brown hair and dark eyes.

She is seen wearing a blue business blazer curved at waist, and a white shirt below it. A pencil skirt, also blue, completes her outfit.


Josephine is a lethargic employee, and holds a certain animosity towards her father Mr. Sato. She is willing to break work policies just to spite him.


Josephine works as a desk clerk at SAGA, her father's car dealership.


This character does not have a route yet.

Scene list

Do Me a Favor

  • Josephine agrees to help you with Debbie's car. But everything has a price sooner or later!