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Summertime Saga is a dating game which allows you to explore places, socialize with interesting characters, and play various minigames. In order for you to fully enjoy your adventure, we invite you to take a look at the gameplay advice given on this page.

User Interface

The user interface is displayed in the upper part of the screen. This HUD only clears during cutscenes and minigames.

User Interface Map.jpg

The map gives access to the town map and lets you move around by selecting a building or place. The icon is greyed‐out when the map is disabled in sublocations or occasionally during certain sequences of events. Once open, the map icon is replaced by that of a bed for instant teleportation inside the main character’s bedroom in one click. Game locations are made available in a stepwise process during the routes.

General advice

Talk to people! (And when I say talk, I really mean listen!)
Most of this game is about interacting with the different characters, and the dialogue is the main way to receive information about what you should do next. Pay attention and act on any hints you get, even when the main character is just talking to himself.

Go places and click on stuff
Visit different locations on the map: look all around for interactable objects and additional screens. Things you can click on become highlighted when you move your cursor over them, so move your mouse all over the place.

Come back at night (or the next day… or just later in the game)
Meet a character or location at a different time of day to see if anything changes. The biggest changes happen between daytime and nighttime, but you should also pay attention to the difference between morning and afternoon. Check in every once in a while to see if anything has changed based on the day of the week or previous events you have completed.

Come back with money
The solution to many game’s objectives is to buy an item from the various shops in the mall, and that means you’re going to have to take on some summer jobs. Until the very last stages of the game, you’ll always need money for something; so if you have some free time during the day, go earn some!

Level up your stats
Another barrier between you and tits is low stats. Many dialogues and objectives rely on your skills. In order to progress, take some time to train yourself!

Cheat mode

The cheat mode is designed to make it easier and faster to progress in Summertime Saga. That’s why it’s best suited for returning players. The choice to opt in is proposed only when beginning a new game, it cannot be modified during the game. The changes implemented are:

  • The starting money is increased to $999,999 enough to buy all items and finish all routes.
  • The main character’s stats are already maxed, thus allowing the player to ignore all training.
  • The majority of minigames can be skipped.

Cheat mode has no effect on the stories except for one scene with Roxxy during the shooting range minigame.

Cookie jar

Main article: Cookie jar

The cookie jar allows you to check and replay the animated scenes previously unlocked. It can be accessed from the Main Menu of the game. The content is persistent and won’t be erased when you begin a new game.

Savegames and persistent data file

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Android installation

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