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* [[Odette]] was proposed by MikeOdette in the 2018 Christmas raffle.
* [[Odette]] was proposed by MikeOdette in the 2018 Christmas raffle.
* SatUrnPrincess was choosen for the character of [[Elona]].
* SatUrnPrincess was choosen for the character of [[Elona]].
* Tuuku inspired another [[Tuuku|unnamed character]] yet.
* [[Tuuku]] was inspired by… Tuuku.
* [[Karl]] and [[Justin]] are prizedhog and rubAduckee, two winners of February 2019 raffles who collaborated with the artist for Erik’s friends.
* [[Karl]] and [[Justin]] are prizedhog and rubAduckee, two winners of February 2019 raffles who collaborated with the artist for Erik’s friends.
* Morbooze makes an entrance at Eve and Grace’s party as a character sitting in a camping chair.
* Morbooze makes an entrance at Eve and Grace’s party as a character sitting in a camping chair.
* AlCoholic selected Ricardo Milos to be the new landscaper character for Mayor Rump's house.
* AlCoholic selected Ricardo Milos to be [[Ricky]], the new landscaper character for Mayor Rump's house.
=== Celebrities ===
=== Celebrities ===

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Numerous easter eggs to various books, movies and other games are one of the staples of Summertime Saga. These are instances where something or someone from the real world is referenced in the game itself.


DarkCookie working on Mr. Bubbles character

Many characters are drawn from real or fictional people. The game’s community is the main source of inspiration.


  • Admiral Sploosh is CaptainSploosh, the current writer of the game.
  • Dogeek. The previous developer of the game gave his name to Clyde’s pet.
  • Pussywillow is the main character’s lovely pet, and a dedication to CreamCookie, the human ressources manager.
  • Sam9 is the developer in charge of servers and websites. But he also appears in the game under the same name as a subscriber of Jenny’s camshows particularly fond of butt action.
  • The graffiti “Free the pandas” found in the assembly hall during Ms. Dewitt's route is a reminder of the former team member NhKPaNdA.


  • Pilly made an agreement: he would stop smoking if his character was in the game. DarkCookie did the job. Your turn Pilly!
  • Cedric is another fan.
  • Kassy, Mr. Bubbles and an unnamed character have been created from KassyKage, ZanaSenpai and Emerald respectively, three moderators on the Discord server. Josephine is Purt, a user of the channel.
  • Konterina is an active member of the streaming chat whom suddenly disappeared for a long time. Chat and DarkCookie wondered if she would return and a missing person poster was added to the police station. She did come back. Konterina is also known for greeting everyone in chat very quickly, like a bot. So the robot in Ms. Otika’s office was named after her. Beep Boop!
  • Captain Terry, Jaing, Titty, Micoe and Anna are based on Amens, Noce, TheTittyShit, Micoe and RavenClaw262, all stream regulars.
  • Odette was proposed by MikeOdette in the 2018 Christmas raffle.
  • SatUrnPrincess was choosen for the character of Elona.
  • Tuuku was inspired by… Tuuku.
  • Karl and Justin are prizedhog and rubAduckee, two winners of February 2019 raffles who collaborated with the artist for Erik’s friends.
  • Morbooze makes an entrance at Eve and Grace’s party as a character sitting in a camping chair.
  • AlCoholic selected Ricardo Milos to be Ricky, the new landscaper character for Mayor Rump's house.


Bob Ross inspired Ms. Ross character
  • Ms. Ross. The art teacher looks like the TV presenter, art instructor and painter Bob Ross. Who is famous for his show The Joy of Painting, his very laid back and positive attitude.
  • Earl is a user chosen character, and he is based on Reginald VelJohnson, an actor who is best known for playing policeman characters such as on the sitcom Family Matters.
  • Tatiana is based on the streamer Tatiana Badiu, alias PureRuby87, with her permission. The character has been replaced by Lily.
  • Roxanne Clifford, an indie pop band singer, is the inspiration behind the character of Veronica.
  • Roz. The lovely desk receptionist in the hospital is a human adaptation of Roz from the Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc.
  • Jay and Silent Bob appear in the background of the mall front yard.


One way to show the streamer’s appreciation for his fans is to insert their names directly into the game:

  • The moose head in the attic place has a sign with the name of Theconcanadian.
  • Inside Dexter’s locker is written the name of Tuuku.
  • The scratch on the wall in Eve’s bedroom about Livingston69 is dedicated a QA tester, Livingston.
  • On the outside wall of the tattoo parlor have been graffed many names: Skyear, jabzap, Alex76 and Purt. With one last name on the front wall, DecentWanker.
  • DecentWanker and Vole are rewarded with their names on the fridge of the beachhouse.
  • On the police station wall is painted “Skynetto is innocent” from the name of Skynetto.
  • Eevee has her name written inside the tatto parlor garage.

Books and magazines

The library has some interesting books

Book and magazine titles are often used as jokes in Summertime Saga:

  • The library presents a book titled Secret VIP Stream… truth or myth?. Another mention is on the info board at the police station. Legend has it that there is a VIP stream where DarkCookie streams spoiler content only wearing a horse head.
  • Another book has Soon™ written on the spin as a direct answer to the players who always ask when the next update will be released.
  • The library book Yoga Kamasutra uses the title of the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life.
  • Finally, Basic renpy coding vol 22 is a reference to Ren’Py, the software engine used to make the game.
  • In Principal Smith’s cabinet lies the Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire appearing in stories by the horror writer H. P. Lovecraft and his followers.
  • Erik hides a book titled Oedipuss under his bed. The myth of Oedipus exists and has given its name to the “Oedipus Complex”, itself defined as a male child’s unconscious desire for the exclusive love of his mother. This is related to the close relationship between Erik and his landlady, Mrs. Johnson.
  • Inside Erik’s locker, two books can be found: 50 Shades of Green which is a parody of the erotic book Fifty Shades of Grey; and Orcettes Illustrated evokes the magazine Sports Illustrated.

Posters and paintings

Yurup map
  • A poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger is located at Coach Bridget’s office on the left side of the back wall, reproducing the iconic picture of the actor holding a glass of cognac.
  • In Ms. Otika’s office, on the back wall hangs the famous picture of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out.
  • A poster can be found in the science teacher’s office on the right side. It shows how man evolved from apes, with DarkCookie’s interpretation of how our species might evolve in the future.
  • In the French classroom is displayed the mostly accurate map of Yurup.
  • The movie theater in the mall has a promotional poster for Dirty Harold, a copy of Dirty Harry.
  • Another promotional poster announcing the movie Bitch Perfect 2 pastiches the real movie Pitch Perfect 2.
  • The painting in the bedroom of the beachhouse is a copy of The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Games and video games

Dungeons & Dragons

In Erik’s locker, the Dungeon’N Orcettes figures are a parody of the fantasy role‐playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Magic: The Gathering

Erik also collects cards of Magic the Fappening, a game similar to the real Magic: The Gathering. Four trading cards can be found in Summertime Saga, each one with a colorful name.


In order to stay in line with the game’s mood, the name of the Japanese console manufacturer has been changed to Sintendo.

Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

Street Kombat is a mix between both games. We readily recognize the names of playable fighters: Balrog and Honda.

Summertime Saga

Did you know? You can play Summertime Saga inside Summertime Saga!

On the main character’s or Jenny’s computer, the video game Summertime Saga can be played. However, it crashes, reproducing a frequent feature of the real game every time a new version is released. This was especially true when DarkCookie was doing the coding only by himself in the first releases.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

“I took an arrow in the knee”, delivered by Erik, is a memorable quote originating from a role‐playing video game.

World of Warcraft

Erik, Justin and Karl are avid players of the video game World of Orcette whose name is derived from the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft. And the saying “For the Whored!” imitates the scream “For the Horde!” from the same game.

Websites and apps


When entering the computer room on school 2nd floor, June’s monitor displays the home page of 4chan website.


The trading site eGay is pinned on the main character’s computer screen, and references eBay.


Sluttygram is the fictional version of Instagram, a photo and video‐sharing social networking service.

Internet Explorer

The web browser developed by Microsoft is renamed Internet Sexplorer.

Outlook Express

Outlook Express becomes Outlood Express in Summertime Saga.

Movies and TV series

The development team takes delight in embedding their favorite video programs.

Attack on Titan

The main character dislikes Attack on Colossus, an opinion shared by DarkCookie for the real serie.

Breaking Bad

When the main character has to meet a drug dealer in Roxxy’s route, he opts for the disguise of Walter White/Heisenberg. This character was a crystal meth maker and the most‐wanted criminal during the 5 seasons of the Breaking Bad series.

Captain America

If you liked Captain America, you’ll love Sergeant Somalia, Summertime Saga version of the superhero from Marvel Universe. The film, screened in CineSaga Theater, is indeed dedicated to a sexy Somalian guy who can only be DarkCookie!

CSI: Miami

The way Harold puts his Aviator’s sunglasses while delivering a one‐liner, copies a popular meme from the series starring David Caruso.


While they’re watching it on television together, the main character and Jenny have a little chit‐chat about the series called Pals. The depiction of a group of friends living in Manhattan, and the names of the characters – Matt and Courtney – make the reference to the original Friends series more than obvious. If necessary, the plot of the episode is reminiscent of the one called The One With All The Thanksgivings.

Pickle Rick


When the main character is introduced to Sugartats members, he interrupts an important discussion about the horror movies. Tuuku claims that the clown in It is the most frightening thing.

It Follows

In the same conversation, Grace recounts the story of a curse transmitted through sex. This is the scenario of the independent film It Follows.

Rick and Morty

The close‐up on the bed in Diane’s bedroom displays the fictional character Pickle Rick in the blurred background.


The main artist regularly asks the viewers for their opinion during his live videos, whether for the drawing or the name of items or locations. Here is a non‐exhaustive list of this content.

The Box of Shame

The Box of Shame origin dates back to when DarkCookie was doing the treehouse location; raffles were done where winners could add any item of choice for the box. Quite an opportunity!
The first winner wanted an old pair of panties, which was at first regarded as a waste by chat and DarkCookie. New raffles were made to find people with better ideas for the content of the box. However for some reason all winners failed to come up with any solid ideas so DarkCookie ended up adding the panties, since this was the only actual suggestion made from a raffle winner, and a pair of binoculars suggested by chat.
All the names of the winners were crossed over and the box was named The Box of Shame.

Raven Hill

A raffle was held during a stream to choose a name for the newly added hill overlooking the town. The only name the winner could come up with was Yaya Hill, a name that made everyone laugh for its bland sounding. A new raffle was done. RavenClaw won and pick the name Raven Hill.

Tattoo parlor

The sign hanging from the tent on the roof of the tattoo parlor, says “Home Run”, according to Zotan123’s choice, a viewer randomly picked.

CineSaga ticket

The drawing of the ticket for the local movie theater was also the occasion for a raffle in which the winner could choose the text.


The trap

A poster and a book both titled It’s a trap! can be discovered in‐game. They are an inside joke about the presence in Summertime Saga of a trap character – a male character depicted as a female. This rumor is a recurring subject within the community.

The apple in the microwave

DarkCookie once explained that he didn’t like cold apples and used the microwave to warm them up. Since the chat thought how silly this habit was, a lot of jokes were made, and soon an apple in a microwave was added in the teachers’ lounge at school.

The 2016 Chicago Cubs Season

Located on the left wall in Erik’s basement hangs a shirt similar to the uniform of the Chicago Cubs. This item is an homage for the baseball team to finally end the so‐called Curse of the Billy Goat, and the longest World Series championship drought in history.

Mountain Dew

In Judith’s locker is an obvious reference to the soft drink Mountain Dew.

Kung Fu

DarkCookie being a lover of disco single “Kung Fu Fighting” from Carl Douglas, to the point of inflicting it daily on his stream viewers, it was predictable that this martial art would be mentioned in the game, as when Jenny and the main character watch TV.

Tayto Crisps

Also in Dexter’s locker, a bag of Gayto brand chips can be found with a deliberate misspelling.