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Gender Female
Hair color Light chestnut
Eye color Brown
Morning Barn
Afternoon Barn
Evening Barn


Half human-half cow, Daisy's resembles that of a cow along with her long tail, her horns and hooves. Apart from these physical specificities, the rest of the body is closer to those of a human being.

Similar to Aqua, she is always naked.


Daisy is very playful, energetic, and innocently naïve. She shows vast amounts of curiosity and interest in the world. First, she fears the main character but after a couple days she starts interacting with him while she builds trust with him. She has a weak spot for pizzas and flowers.


Daisy has been created from a mysterious statue. She used to belong to Jebadiah Delmont, Clyde's grandfather, who, under the pretext of protecting her, kept her locked in a shack and regularly abused her credulity for his own pleasure. At the farmer's death, the statue was broken into three parts, which were themselves scattered throughout Summerville. Only its reconstitution will reveal the creature to the main character.


  • Daisy is a secret character.
  • This character can have pregnancy.


See Daisy's route for the complete walkthrough.


Cow Milk

  • The main character improves his milking technique on Daisy's breasts.

Moood for Sex

  • Daisy wants to do everything like Diane, including having sex with the main character.