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Achievements are awards granted when you complete Summertime Saga, find secrets, and succeed in particular challenges. They are displayed in‐game after opening the phone menu and clicking on the trophy icon. Thought, some are kept hidden until fulfillment. The table below gives the list of all achievements along with the conditions for their obtention. Please note that not all of them are yet implemented and therefore cannot be unlocked.

Icon Name Description Requirement
Flies that don’t fly icon.png Flies that don’t fly Look at dipterae. Look through the microscope in the science classroom.
Rump and Pump icon.png Rump and Pump Witness two local celebrities having fun. Unlocked in the mall washroom, 10% chance to get it on Monday–Friday.
Excellent français icon.png Excellent français Reach the end of Ms. Bissette’s story.
Microwaved Apple icon.png Microwaved Apple Find the microwaved apple. Open the microwave oven in the teachers’ lounge.
World War III icon.png World War III Triggered World War III. Push the big red button on the yacht.
Long lost father icon.png Long lost father Invade your friend’s privacy. Read the letter found in Mrs. Johnson’s mailbox and addressed to Erik.
Bros before hoes icon.png Bros before hoes Reach the end of Erik’s story. Finish Tammy and June’s route by having chosen “Get Erik a girlfriend” branch, then “My friend Erik” option.
Cedric got nothing on you icon.png Cedric got nothing on you Finish Kevin’s training. Have 10 points in the strength stat.
Painting in the nude icon.png Painting in the nude Reach the end of Ms. Ross’ story.
The Rooster icon.png The Rooster Check out Debbie’s art. Click on the painting in the attic at home
The full Ackbar icon.png The full Ackbar IT’S A TRAP!!!
Choose the transgender option for Eve and finish her route.
Smooth McGroove icon.png Smooth McGroove Don’t fail at the talent show. Progress in Ms. Dewitt’s route. You have to succeed in the music minigame on your first try during the talent show.
Eve Tat-2.0 icon.png Eve Tat-2.0 Reach the end of Eve’s story.
Prolific camshow icon.png Prolific camshow Reach the end of Jenny’s story.
Hoes before bros icon.png Hoes before bros Reach the end of June’s story. Finish Tammy and June’s route by having chosen “Get Erik a girlfriend” branch, then “I’ll play” option.
Computer Genius icon.png Computer Genius Hack Jenny’s PC. Progress in Jenny’s route.
Home Sweet Home icon.png Home Sweet Home Purchase a house. Purchase the beachhouse for $5,000.
What’s in there? icon.png What’s in there? Check out every student locker. Currently bugged.
Donut craving icon.png Donut craving Purchase a donut for Harold. Progress in Mia and Helen’s route.
He’s real icon.png He’s real! Seen Santa Claus. Unlockable only during Christmas time.
Solo pleasure icon.png Solo pleasure Go for some alone time… Use the masturbate option on the bed in your bedroom, after progressing in Debbie, Jenny, Diane, Mia and Helen, or Roxxy’s route.
Ass-tronomer icon.png Ass-tronomer Use the telescope. Click on the telescope in your bedroom.
Science experiments icon.png Science experiments Reach the end of Ms. Okita’s story.
Drowning... in pussy? icon.png Drowning… in pussy? Reach the end of Cassie’s story.
The Mermaid icon.png The Mermaid Reach the end of Aqua’s story. Progress in Aqua’s route.
Not a prude icon.png Not a prude Reach the end of Mia’s story.
Mr. Worldwide icon.png Mr. Worldwide Look at an accurate map of Europe. Look the map in the French classroom.
The GT500 icon.png The GT500 Get your dream car! Buy the sports car for $10,000 at Saga Dealership.
Overpowered icon.png Overpowered Upgrade your stats to the max. Have 10 points in every stats.
More girl than cow icon.png More girl than cow Reach the end of Daisy’s story.
Ready for college icon.png Ready for college Max out your savings account. Need exactly $25,000 in your bank account.
Repentance icon.png Repentance Reach the end of Helen’s story.
Happy Birthday icon.png Happy Birthday! Spent 365 days in‐game.
Eminem icon.png Eminem Beat Tyrone in a rap battle.
The Angler icon.png The Angler Catch one of every type of fish. Catch one sea trout, one snapper and one mackerel in the fishing minigame at the pier. Need the fishing rod from home’s attic first.
Inception icon.png Inception Play Summertime Saga. Play Summertime Saga on the main character’s or Jenny’s computer. The computer needs to be repaired first.
Sharing is caring icon.png Sharing is caring Have a threeway with Mrs. Johnson. Finish Tammy and June’s route by having chosen “Sex education” branch.
Milky business icon.png Milky business Reach the end of Diane’s story.
Yoga Apprentice icon.png Yoga Apprentice Help out a yogee with her lessons. Progress in Tammy and June’s route.
The jackhammer icon.png The jackhammer Name your character “jackhammer”.
Slick mofo icon.png Slick mofo Finish Master Somrak’s training. Have 10 points in the dexterity stat.
Oldies Goodies icon.png Oldies Goodies Have sex with Roz. Progress in Aqua’s route.
Music taste icon.png Music taste Reach the end of Ms. Dewitt’s story.
Sound investment icon.png Sound investment Earned over $50,000 in interests.
G@M3R icon.png [email protected] Play videogames! Play the Maze Runner minigame on the main character’s computer. The computer needs to be repaired first.
Passing grade icon.png Passing grade Have an A+ on every course, except gym.
End of the chores icon.png End of the chores Reach the end of Debbie’s story.
You’re the man icon.png You’re the man Reach the end of Roxxy’s story.
Game… Over?! Lose the game. Not implemented yet.
Caught! Witness a couple going at it. Not implemented yet.
Zana (of the Endless) Get stuck at the talent show. Not implemented yet.
Treasure Hunt Find the golden lure. Not implemented yet.