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       T_okita_intro = Trigger("intro")
       T_okita_get_keycode = Trigger("get keycode")
       T_okita_keycode_acquired = Trigger("keycode acquired")
       T_okita_entered_office = Trigger("entered office")
       T_okita_got_items = Trigger("got items")
       T_okita_foam_misshap = Trigger("foam misshap")
       T_okita_get_bifocal_lenses = Trigger("get bifocal lenses")
       T_okita_take_picture_judith = Trigger("take picture judith")
       T_okita_picture_taken = Trigger("picture taken")
       T_okita_xray_perved_classroom = Trigger("xray perved classroom")
       T_okita_xray_perving_aftermath = Trigger("xray perving aftermath")
       T_okita_requested_faptic_engine = Trigger("requested faptic engine")
       T_okita_faptic_get_controller = Trigger("faptic get controller")
       T_okita_got_master_blaster_info = Trigger("got master blaster info")
       T_okita_belt_assembled = Trigger("belt assembled")
       T_okita_belt_assembled_aftermath = Trigger("belt assembled aftermath")
       T_okita_finished_tinkering_belt = Trigger("finished tinkering belt")
       T_okita_get_ingredients = Trigger("get ingredients")
       T_okita_got_all_ingredients = Trigger("got all ingredients")
       T_okita_extracted_cum = Trigger("extracted cum")
       T_okita_brewed_serum = Trigger("brewed serum")
       T_okita_dosed_smith = Trigger("dosed smith")
       T_okita_smith_effects_seen = Trigger("smith effects seen")
       T_okita_serum_took_effect = Trigger("serum took effect")
       T_okita_had_sex = Trigger("had sex")

       S_okita_start = State("start", "I should start focusing on school again")
       S_okita_intro = State("intro", "I wonder if there's anything I can do to fix my grade")
       S_okita_get_keycode = State("get keycode", "Smith usually has coffee in the staff room in the afternon")
       S_okita_enter_office = State("enter office", "With the code, I should be able to get into Okita's office")
       S_okita_get_items_from_office = State("get items from office", "Okita asked me to get three things from her office...")
       S_okita_has_items = State("has items", "I should bring this stuff back to Okita")
       S_okita_foam_misshap = State("foam misshap", "I'll let her get cleaned up")
       S_okita_get_bifocal_lenses = State("get bifocal lenses", "Hmm... Who at school wears glasses?")
       S_okita_take_picture_judith = State("take picture judith", "Judith asked me to meet her at the park this afternoon")
       S_okita_picture_taken = State("picture taken", "Now I can bring Judith's glasses to Okita")
       S_okita_xray_perving = State("xray perving", "Okita asked me to go up to her office. I wonder why")
       S_okita_glasses_completed = State("glasses completed", "That was weird. It's time to head home")
       S_okita_faptic_engine = State("faptic engine", "I wonder if there's anything else I can do to raise my grade")
       S_okita_get_controller_info = State("get controller info", "June usually hangs out in the computer room")
       S_okita_get_controller = State("get controller", "Erik had a Master Blaster controller once!")
       S_okita_belt_assembled = State("belt assembled", "I should meet Okita in her office like she asked")
       S_okita_tinkering_with_belt = State("tinkering with belt", "I'll leave her to work on the belt")
       S_okita_tinkering_with_belt_delay = State("tinkering with belt delay", "I'll leave her to work on the belt")
       S_okita_tinkering_with_belt_delay2 = State("tinkering with belt delay 2", "I'll leave her to work on the belt")
       S_okita_tinkering_with_belt_delay3 = State("tinkering with belt delay 3", "I wonder if she's figured out the issue with the belt")
       S_okita_tired_from_belt = State("tired from belt", "I'll let her rest after that...")
       S_okita_get_ingredients = State("get ingredients", "Where can I find all the stuff she wants?")
       S_okita_extract_cum = State("extract cum", "She asked me to meet her in her office to start")
       S_okita_start_mixing = State("start mixing", "I need to mix the serums together")
       S_okita_dose_smith = State("dose smith", "How can I get Smith to drink her Serum")
       S_okita_wait_for_smith_serum = State("wait for smith serum", "What effect might that Serum have had?")
       S_okita_wait_for_okita_serum = State("wait for okita serum", "What effect might that Serum have had?")
       S_okita_wait_for_okita_serum_delay = State("wait for okita serum delay", "What effect might that Serum have had?")
       S_okita_wait_for_okita_serum_delay2 = State("wait for okita serum delay 2", "What effect might that Serum have had?")
       S_okita_wait_for_okita_serum_delay3 = State("wait for okita serum delay 3", "What effect might that Serum have had?")
       S_okita_is_hypersexual = State("is hypersexual", "I should check to see if her Serum had any major effect")
       S_okita_end = State("end")