Shooting Range Minigame

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All items that are appearing on the screen are targets


The shooting range minigame is unlocked in Roxxy's route when the main character follows the cheerleader to her trailer to pick up her uniform. There he meets Clyde and agrees to give a try to the outdoor firing range located near the tractor. From then on, the main character can earn money by betting on the outcome of the shooting range minigame with him.

How to play

Tap the screen or mouse click to hit the targets as soon as they appear on the haystacks. 20 targets appear in turn and you have a few seconds to hit them one after the other.


During the first game at the shooting range, only Roxxy's uniforme is at stake. If the main character outshoots Clyde, she will get the clothes back and her route will continue; otherwise, if the main character loses, she will flash her breasts. Win on the first try without cheating to enjoy another personnal reward from the girl.

On the next games, only money are at stake: $100, $200 or $400. Note that the shooting minigame does not advance the time of day, making it one of the most profitable in Summertime Saga.