Lopez and Martinez

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Lopez and Martinez
Lopez and Martinez.png
Gender Female
Hair color Medium brown
Eye color Brown
Relatives Consuela (mother)


Lopez and Martinez are two Latinas with brown hair and dark brown eyes. Lopez maintains her hair with cornrows while Martinez keeps her hair long with half of her head shaved.

Lopez's typical attire consists of a gray cropped leather jacket, a black V‐neck cropped top showing a white undershirt, and black legging. Martinez's one consists of a red printed bandana, a black sleeveless shirt, and cutoff denim short with a black belt; the red waistband of her garment is clearly visible. They both wear similar large silver earrings.


They are territorial, acting as if they own a part of the school for themselves and will harass anybody who steps into their territory.


Lopez and Martinez are two students in main character's high school. Judith is the main target of their bullying.


These characters do not have a route yet.


Confirming the Goods

  • When entering the locker room showers, Lopez and Martinez both reveal a piece of each other privates parts to the main character for the sole purpose of confirming the rumor about his large penis.

They Do Everything Together

  • The two Latinas seem to appreciate the shared showers; they make sure they don't forget anything when rubbing their bodies. The main character can attest to this in Ms. Bissette's route.