Henchman 2

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Henchman 2
"Henchman 2 illustration"
Gender Male
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown

Henchman 2 is the name given to the second member of the local criminal gang.


Built like a brick shithouse, he is not a person to whom you’re messing around with. Bald, brown eyes, a well‐trimmed beard, he shows no reassuring signs. The drawings on his hands and neck suggest that a large part of his body is tattooed.

As same as for his acolyte, he wears a complete black suit with a grey shirt below and a black tie. One golden ring is visible on his left hand.


He is more a believer in hitting than talking.


After the first intimidations, the two henchmen give a visit to Debbie’s home. They want her to pay off the debts that the main character’s father had contracted.