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The Cookie Jar allows the players to check and replay the scenes already unlocked. It can be accessed from the Main Menu of the game.

DebbieJennyDianeMrs. JohnsonMiaHelenAngelicaIvyJuneCassieRozAquaMayor RumpJudithMs. BissetteMs. DewittMs. RossMs. OkitaAnnaRoxxyLopez & MartinezJaneAnnieEveBecca & MissyCrystalMicoeDaisy
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Character Description Route
Cookie Jar Debbie.pngDebbie 1 Debbie masturbating in her bedroom Debbie's route
2 Main character masturbating in Debbie's bedroom
3 Blowjob in the main character's bedroom
4 Debbie and Diane in pool
5 Handjob in the car
6 Cuddling sex in Debbie's bedroom
7 Sex in the shower
8 Sex on the couch in the living room
9 Sex in the kitchen
10 Sex in the main character's bedroom
11 Sex in Debbie's bedroom
12 Sex in the basement
Cookie Jar Jenny.pngJenny 1 Jenny's masturbation in the living room Jenny's route
2 Footjob in the living room
3 Sybian ride in Jenny's bedroom
4 Boob squeeze in Jenny's bedroom
5 Sex toys masturbation on webcam
6 Oral sex after telescope scene in the main character's bedroom
7 Sex in Jenny's bedroom
8 Sex in the living room
9 Sex in the shower
10 Webcam sex show in Jenny's bedroom
Cookie Jar Diane.pngDiane 1 Diane masturbating with a cucumber in her kitchen Diane's route
2 Massage in Diane's garden
3 Diane's fondling under the table in the dining room
4 Tit fuck in the barn
5 Main character masturbates Diane with a cucumber in the barn
6 Breeding in the barn
7 Threesome sex in Debbie's bedroom
Cookie Jar Mrs. Johnson.pngMrs. Johnson 1 Naked threesome in Erik's basement Erik, Mrs. Johnson and June's route
2 Mrs. Johnson riding ball seen through telescope
3 Erik's oral sex seen through telescope
4 Threesome sex with Erik in Mrs. Johnson's bedroom
5 Solo sex in Mrs. Johnson's bedroom
Cookie Jar Mia.pngMia 1 Teddy bear hump seen through telescope
2 Masturbation on bed seen through telescope Mia and Helen's route
3 Sex in Mia's bedroom
Cookie Jar Helen.pngHelen 1 Helen's masturbating in her bedroom Mia and Helen's route
2 Sex in Helen's bedroom
Cookie Jar Angelica.pngAngelica 1 Flogging Helen Mia and Helen's route
2 Sex between Helen and Sister Angelica
3 Sex between Helen and main character
Cookie Jar Ivy.pngIvy 1 Tit fuck at Pink
2 Blowjob at Pink
3 Reverse cowgirl sex at Pink
4 Cowgirl sex at Pink
Cookie Jar June.pngJune 1 Sex in main character's bedroom Erik, Mrs. Johnson and June's route
Cookie Jar Cassie.pngCassie 1 Pool blowjob
Cookie Jar Roz.pngRoz 1 Sex in the storage room Aqua's route
Cookie Jar Aqua.pngAqua 1 Sex with Aqua in lair Aqua's route
2 Sex with SeaSucc in lair
Cookie Jar Rump.pngMayor Rump 1 Sex in bathroom with someone else
Cookie Jar Judith.pngJudith 1 Strip in boys' locker room
2 Handjob in girls' locker room
Cookie Jar Ms. Bissette.pngMs. Bissette 1 Makeout in French classroom Ms. Bissette's route
2 Sex in Ms. Bissette's office
Cookie Jar Ms. Dewitt.pngMs. Dewitt 1 Twerk in Ms. Dewitt's office Ms. Dewitt's route
2 Blowjob during the talent show in auditorium
3 Sex in Ms. Dewitt's office
Cookie Jar Ms. Ross.pngMs. Ross 1 Nude modeling in art class Ms. Ross' route
2 Sex in Ms. Ross' office
Cookie Jar Ms. Okita.pngMs. Okita 1 Nude lenses malfunction in Ms. Okita's office Ms. Okita's route
2 Ms. Okita probing penis in her office
3 Panties malfunction in Ms. Okita's office
4 Handjob in Ms. Okita's office
5 Sex in Ms. Okita's office
Cookie Jar Anna.pngAnna 1 Yoga poses in gym Erik, Mrs. Johnson and June's route
Cookie Jar Roxxy.pngRoxxy 1 Roxxy's shower in boys' locker room Roxxy's route
2 Cheerleading practice with Jenny in Jenny's bedroom Ms. Bissette's route
3 Jilling in locker Roxxy's route
4 Massage in changing room
5 Sex in locker
6 Solo sex in changing room
7 Foursome sex in changing room
Cookie Jar Lopez & Martinez.pngLopez and Martinez 1 Shower scene with the main character in boys locker room
2 Lopez and Martinez enjoying themselves in the shower of the boys' locker room Ms. Bissette's route
Cookie Jar Jane.pngJane 1 Couple having sex in back room
Cookie Jar Annie.pngAnnie 1 Strip in Principal Smith’s office
2 Principal Smith and Annie's painting in art classroom Ms. Ross' route
Cookie Jar Eve.pngEve 1 Topless singing in Erik’s basement Ms. Dewitt's route
Cookie Jar Becca & Missy.pngBecca & Missy 1 Solo sex with Missy in changing room Roxxy's route
2 Solo sex with Becca in changing room
3 Foursome sex with Missy in changing room
4 Foursome sex with Becca in changing room
Cookie Jar Crystal.pngCrystal 1 Sex in trailer Roxxy's route
Cookie Jar Micoe.pngMicoe 1 Blowjob in clinic's bathroom Diane's route
Cookie Jar Daisy.pngDaisy 1 Breeding in the barn Daisy's route